It’s not every day that I endorse a book. Today is an exception.

In January, Kristen read a book called Deep Work by Cal Newport. It changed my life forever.

Up until then, I’d been following the same old way of delivering coaching to my private clients. It’s the way all coaches I know do: 30-minute calls every week. My clients show up. I bring my A game.

After 39,600 calls,  I have honed a laser-sharp capacity to transform my clients perspective, effectiveness, and levels of success in a conversation. That’s why they pay me $30,000 a year, every year: Because I deliver an exponential return on their investment.

However. Even though I’ve dedicated 20+ years to my craft, it wasn’t until Deep Work came into my life that I turned my entire coaching practice upside down. It was through Cal Newport’s insights in Deep Work that I was able to exponentially increase my personal and professional results – nearly overnight.

The outcome? More time to go deep with my clients (they are happier with my services than ever). More time off for me (yes, really!). More time to dedicate to writing (my seventh book is in the works). More time for creating new content for my online membership community (my favorite place to teach, inspire and connect with my tribe).

When I say this book changed my life, I am not kidding. Everything is better because I employed the contrarian concepts inside Deep Work.

I highly recommend it.

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Once you read it, please share your thoughts on how Deep Work has changed your life.

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