If you want to learn the secret to getting your mind to stop agitating you with negativity so you can finally connect with the deepest part of yourself, then you are in the right place. I’m probably being a little audacious and verbose but…

If you want to effortlessly shift your emotional state from negative debilitating feelings to uplifting empowering feelings…

Quickly identify the source of the remaining pessimistic points of view you have about yourself or life and transform them into optimism and creativity…

Escape the social status quo of family, gossip, following social norms, and limited cultural thinking so that you can finally ascend to full enlightenment…

then, this just might be the most important article you’ll read all year!

Here’s why I feel so confident in that statement.
I am about to show you HOW to rise above the cultural conditioning, limiting dogma and unexamined beliefs that are literally blocking you from the sense of satisfaction and joy your crave.
Once I teach you how to naturally align with the recognition that all is well, you can instantly transcend the survival mind – and experience the promise self-help was never able to deliver.
Very few people understand that when you are no longer burdened by fears, worries, and concerns, you are able to effortlessly tap into your resilience, your creativity and your connection to something MUCH bigger than yourself.
This is what’s possible when you ascend into an enlightened, or as I like to call it, the quiet mind state.
Ugh! Self-Help Isn’t Helping The Way It Promised
If you are reading this, I am betting that most likely Self-Help HAS NOT delivered your ideal life.
I know that your life is good… but it’s not as good as you know it can be or what your self-help teachers promised you.
I am here to tell you it’s not your fault.
Self-Help, in all its iterations, has been extremely helpful to seekers like you and me. 
Unfortunately, we bought into the idea that someday… when we got it all right… we would hit the jackpot.
We believed if we just applied the Law of Attraction correctly, we forgave our parents, we removed our limiting thoughts, and we got our chakras aligned… that finally, once and for all, we could take a breath, step back and say to ourselves “I made it.”
You and I bought into a lie.
So did my wife Kristen…

I remember lying on the bathroom floor screaming at the top of my lungs “What am I doing wrong!?!”

The frustration was palatable. If being a personal development devotee was a Ferrari, then I was going 220 mph when I hit the wall.

I remember sobbing uncontrollably. To spare my neighbors, I grabbed a dirty bath towel, put it over my mouth and yelled “What is it going to take?” pleading to some unknown authority on my life.
I am doing everything I am told. I am generous. I tithe. I say affirmations. I journal. I sit at my altar and reflect. I attend weekend workshops. I’ve walked on fire. I’ve done silent retreats. I watched The Secret at least four times. I had my Astrological chart done and had my cards read on a regular basis.
Tears running down my face, I began questioning everything about my journey to date.
Where is my abundance? 
Where is my life partner? 
Where is the happiness, the success and the profound feeling of oneness? 
Where’s the MONEY, and all the good things it buys?
How many more “lessons” must I endure? 
I completed Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living. I did all the programs in the Quantum Leap by Peak Potentials taught by T. Harv Eker himself. I wrote a monster check and got myself into Mark Victor Hansen’s Inner Circle. I was a regular at Center For Spiritual Living in Seattle. I volunteered and raised money for a non-profit helping low income women. I studied Rich Dad Poor Dad and learned how to buy rental property as a single woman… yet another demonstration of my commitment to being happy and successful.
I was brave. I was faithful. I pushed through the doubts, and worry. I kept my eye on the prize. 
I wasn’t just a casual participant in anything I did. I showed up. I stayed through every session. I lead accountability groups, and networked and was a leader at every turn. 
I wrote 4 and 5 figure checks to find what I was looking for. I was all in. I traveled to Canada, and across the US unshakably certain that somehow I would crack the code. I was sure my unique cocktail of personal development, spirituality and self-help would produce the life I wanted. 
From 1998 to 2008 I invested tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of my time in pursuit of an abundant, joy-filled life.
In 2009 I went broke. 
Looking back, I now realize my devotion self-help and spiritual practices did NOT deliver the actual life I wanted (and I had a pretty darn good life), but in many ways they became a rubber crutch that buckled under the weight of the rituals and routines I thought would deliver my big goals and dreams.
Renounce rituals and routines, and ascend into an enlightened, quiet mind state

I have some good news.

Starting today, you CAN renounce the ineffective rituals and routines birthed by the self-help movement and ascend into an enlightened, quiet mind state… without changing a single thing about your life as it is… right now.
I am going to show you how.
I call it The Rapid Enlightenment Process.

“I feel complete peace of mind. My mind is extremely quiet. Feels like no attachment to anything. I feel like I released all my interpretations, beliefs, and negative thoughts from the past. As of right now, I am just open to any circumstance to enjoy life, whatever is going to happen. I feel complete freedom.” 

– Manny Marquez
Here’s how and why I can make you this promise…

As a coach to top performers for over two decades, what I do has to work. My street tested Rapid Enlightenment Process is not based on New-Age theories or unproven self-help ideologies.

After decades of my clients putting me to the test, I’ve refined a powerful and predictable process for transcending the survival mind and experiencing a quiet mind state traditionally called Enlightenment.
The Rapid Enlightenment Process delivers what you thought traditional self-help and spiritually-based techniques would have by now.
  •  Transcend the survival mind and ascend into the quiet mind state.
  • Go after your goals and dreams with the unstoppable confidence of an enlightened being.
  • Gracefully navigate the negative situations of life (illness, debt, divorce, loss of loved ones) with a sense of peace.

There is no reason to spend another day wondering when you’ll finally have the peace of mind you crave

  • With a quiet mind, you are in the present moment. You no longer have to seek out the next thing on the path to peace of mind… because you are already there.
  •  With a quiet mind, you find yourself skipping meditations as life becomes a meditation itself.
  •  With a quiet mind, making money becomes much easier and more enjoyable. You have the courage to take action on your money making projects that have been neglected.
  •  With a quiet mind, you’ll no longer have to spend time going on vacation to “reset” or “get away.” Instead, your day to day experience is like a vacation for your soul.
  •  When your mind is quiet, there is little to react to. You find yourself in a peaceful state in the middle of the chaos and negativity of the world.
  •  When your mind is quiet, worry and concern about the future become irrelevant.
  •  When you have a quiet mind, you are more confident. You are in a calm, resourceful and creative space. Problem-solving is easy. Obstacles fade away.
  •  When your mind is quiet you experience life from an all is well context.
  •  When your mind is quiet you become magnetic. People will begin seeking your counsel and wisdom.
  •  Transcend the survival mind and ascend into the quiet mind state.

In fact, here’s just the tip of the iceberg of what you get with a quiet mind…

  •  Find joy in the simple things, knowing that all is well.
  •  Be at peace with the negativity and volatility of the world.
  •  Deal with the complexity of life in an effective and practical way.
  •  Watch as internal and external judgments, criticisms and commentary will no longer hold any weight with you.
  •  Heal the underlying cause blinding you to the perfection of your current reality.
  •  Shatter your fear of death and the underlying source of worry and doubts.
  •  Identify and destroy your most agitating limiting beliefs, even if you are afraid to admit what they are.
  •  Reconsider, redesign, update, and refresh your beliefs about life to create an empowering, uplifting context.
  •  Take action to cancel, renegotiate anything that is creating negative thinking, self-doubt, stress or unwanted pressure.
  •  Design your new life in silence and contemplation bathed in the serenity of the intention sanctuary.


  • It’s irrational to think that the quiet mind state is permanent and you will never be burdened by the survival mind again.
  •  Like all things, it takes practice to maintain the enlightened, quiet mind state.
  •  When you first enter into enlightened states your life becomes really really good. Then when you do experience some negativity, it will feel really really bad. It’s a natural part of the journey
  •  The Rapid Enlightenment Process gives you the tools to reduce the time you spend in negativity and increase the time in an effective and resourceful state.
  •  But that comes at a cost. Because the more you experience a positive, uplifted state, the harsher the negatives feel.
  •  This is not a quick fix. A quiet mind does NOT magically pay your bills, heal your relationships, or help you stay on a diet.
  •  More accurately, a quiet mind allows you to operate in a more effective and practical way – regardless of the circumstances of life.
  •  In the end, it’s more effective to be in a peaceful state when dealing with the negativity and the volatility in the world.
  • In fact, once you watch yourself at peace – while dealing with the nastiest things life can throw at you – you will know that you’ve finally arrived.

The fastest way to ascend into a quiet mind state is via The Rapid Enlightenment Process

  • Three times a year I take a group of people through The Rapid Enlightenment Process at my Epic Life Live 3 day retreat here in Orange County, CA.
  •  My schedule only allows me to offer this program in January, May, and October.
  •  Seating is limited.
  •  I spend a year taking my one-on-one coaching clients through this process. Now, I’ve condensed it down to a weekend event so you can experience The Rapid Enlightenment Process at a fraction of the price of private coaching.

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The Rapid Enlightenment Process works for…
  • Self-help devotees who’ve hit a wall and know they’ve done all they can do
  •  Longtime spiritual seekers who want to finally live the life they’ve imagined
  •  Moms who want to feel peace and flow raising their kids
  •  Husbands who want to feel appreciated and honored
  •  Go-getters who want to succeed at the highest levels
  •  People who want to finally heal the negativity with their parents and siblings
  •  Charitable people who want to serve humanity but not feel so much sadness and anxiety about the world we live in
  •  Husbands and wives who want to stop getting triggered into anger, and eliminate fights
  •  Longtime personal development students who want to feel like they have made it… like all their hard work has paid off
  •  People who have tried it all but still don’t have the peace of mind they seek
  •  Hopeful individuals who want the world to be a better place.

Want to learn more? Click here to get all the details and register for the next Epic Life Live in Irvine, CA.

“I think anybody who’s looking to have an experience that’s different than the rah-rah of normal personal development and have something that has a lasting effect on their life, this is definitely the event for them.” 

– Jessika Izenberg