iStock_000009126913MediumToday is my 42nd birthday and it also denotes 100 days until the end of 2009.  I’m going to do 4 things to change my life.  There are my “100 days to..” projects.

1.  100 days to be in the best shape of my life.

I’ve created a spread sheet with my workout accountability partner that has everyday we are going to work out and I’ve written what we are going to do on each day.  We have added our measurements and our goals.  I am going to track everything I’m doing as a structure.  What you measure you can improve.

2.  100 days to renewed levels of intimacy and connection with Claudine.

I’ve mapped out 10 things I’m going to do in the next 100 days to deepen our relationship.

3.  100 days to the best relationship I’ve ever had with each of my four kids.

I’ve made a project list for each child and I’ve set up the monitoring and accountability to make sure I take these relationships to new heights of love, connection and friendship.

4.  100 days to the complete re-branding of Matthew Ferry International.

I’ve contracted a branding and design company and the game is now in motion.

How about you?  What are you committed to?

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