You can achieve an enlightened state. But’s important to realize it is not a destination. Enlightenment is a quality of human existence. It’s a state of being. It’s a perspective that creates profound peace, flow, joy, and loving point of view. One my most cherished mentors, David Hawkins said it like this,
“It is helpful to remember that neither Truth nor Enlightenment is something to be found, sought, acquired, gained, or possessed. That which is the Infinite Presence is always present and it’s realization occurs of itself when the obstacles to that realization are removed. It is therefore not necessary to study the truth but only to let go of that which is fallacious. Moving away the clouds does not cause the sun to shine but merely reveals that which was hidden all along. ” David Hawkins in his book Eye of The I. Chapter 8 Beyond Causality.
Think of your process as releasing, not acting. Your actions will change naturally because they are a function of your perspective. So when you release survival consciousness, the enlightened consciousness is right there behind the clouds waiting to be revealed.
There are 23 releases both mentally and spiritually that will reveal the enlightened state. Contrary to popular beliefs, emotional releases aren’t necessary to reveal the enlightened state. Emotions are a survival process that compels the body towards pleasure and away from pain. When enlightened consciousness is revealed, the mind goes quiet and emotions essentially disappear.

Release The Unconscious Reflexes of The Drunk Monkey

There are 12 mental releases that will reveal enlightened consciousness. They are a process of recognizing The Unconscious Reflexes of The Drunk Monkey and then choosing something more uplifting or empowering. Awareness is the key. You can’t play the survival game and achieve enlightening results. You must intentionally change the game of your life to be enlightened instead of trying to survive.
I call this The Game Changer Process. Awareness makes you flexible; which reveals new options and that gives you the power to choose something new. When you see that The Drunk Monkey is activated, you can question its motives and choose something that acknowledges that all is well; which is the fundamental perspective of enlightenment.
Here is a list of Unconscious Reflexes with a brief explanation.

1. Generalization. Correlation between things that are uncorrelated. One dog bit me, therefore, all dogs bite.

2. Forecasting the negative. The Drunk Monkey defaults to the negative. It believes that it is psychic and can predict the future. Unfortunately, it generally predicts negative futures.
3. Being right. This Unconscious Reflex stems from the evolutionary advantage of being able to correctly identify and label things.
4. Declaring things wrong. The Drunk Monkey wants to make itself more important than others by diminishing their point of view.
5. Fixing yourself or others. The Drunk Monkey is survival consciousness. The focus is to fortify everything to extend life. Correctly identifying things as broken or unworkable has been an important survival skill.
6. The desire to fit in. Humans are pack animals. We are programmed to forfeit our own needs in order to maintain our status in the group.
7. Holding others accountable to agreements they never made. To survive in the past, we had to work together. We naturally assume our perspective is right and hold people accountable to those agreements even though they didn’t agree to it.
8. Following rules that don’t exist. Through culture, family, and environment we estimate what rules will improve our lives. Many rules do improve our lives and many rules do not.
9. Avoiding failure. We want to survive so we avoid doing things that might not work and potentially harm us physically, mentally or emotionally.
10. Avoiding embarrassment. We are driven to maintain our status in the group. Members of the group that do dumb things are a potential threat and lose the support of the group.
11. Protecting yourself from situations that aren’t dangerous. The Drunk Monkey defaults to the negative. It declares the unknown as dangerous. We, therefore, avoid situations that aren’t dangerous, as if they are.
12. Expressing opinions about things you know nothing about. The Drunk Monkey has opinions on everything including things it knows nothing about. Estimating has given us an advantage as a species.

Release and heal The Hidden Motives to Survive

There are 10 Hidden Motives to Survive which are the threads that weave the fabric of survival consciousness. These 10 Hidden Motives are the source of thinking itself. They are filters that influence how you see the world and therefore what you think and how you act. 
Here is a list of the 10 Hidden Motives to Survive with a brief explanation for your consideration.

1. Being greedy. A feeling that there won’t be enough food, money, time, love etc.

2. Holding grudges. Maintaining a negative position about someone or something in an effort to keep them/it from doing something bad to you.
3. Hatred. Expressing intense ill will towards someone or something. Mentally attacking and discrediting for the purpose of keeping it away.
4. Victim. Feeling powerless. A strategy used throughout nature as a way of manipulating people into taking care of you.
5. Following Illogical Rules. Familial, cultural, societal rules that degrade you but you follow them without question.
6. Being Humble. By making yourself less then others, you don’t create retaliation. Making yourself less then others or God is the exact opposite of knowing you are infinite.

7. Being a Traitor. Keep yourself hidden. Don’t make your intentions known. Avoid consequence by pretending to agree or be something that you are not.

8. Lazy. Take as little action as possible to save energy and resources.

9. Pride. Make yourself more important to receive benefits.

10. Resistance. The push things away so you can maintain health, benefits, status etc.

Now for the final release. This is number 23: Please set the intention to release survival consciousness and embrace enlightened consciousness. Say this, “Please set the intention for enlightened consciousness to flow through. To experience the purity of my own consciousness. To cast out any expression of consciousness not fully my own. Please release any hidden motives, unconscious reflexes, connections or imbalanced context.”

Proposed Action Items

I’ve created a 5-minute release meditation for each of The Hidden Motives to Survive. Please download them and start listening for free here at my free App.
Print this post and hang it on your bathroom mirror. Look at it each day and set your intention to release, transcend and heal these survival processes.


The more your release yourself from survival consciousness, the more you know that all is well. Your mind goes quiet. When that happens, you recognize that the source of life for you is the source of life for everyone and everything. That we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety. That everything you see and experience is the source of life. You are that source. You are everything you see and everything you experience. There is nothing out there accept you.
In this ultimate state, you release that you matter. You recognize that the illusion of survival consciousness is that your existence matters. In this pristine state, you are truly free. You are free to choose what matters with no attachment to the results. The process of releasing that you matter begins with awareness, releasing and healing of survival consciousness.