After reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work, (see my review here) both Kristen and I began scheduling large blocks of time for creativity.

Then something really interesting happened: we discovered how hard it is to stay focused distracted by even the smallest things.

An email. A notification. The draw to jump onto Facebook for just a minute. No matter how dedicated, it is so easy to get off track and be mentally drawn away from the task at hand.


If you are curious about what you can produce within a dedicated, distraction-free time period, then is for you.

Kristen swears by it.

Programming to your unique needs is easy. With just a few clicks you can block social media and/or email and gift yourself 30 or 60 minutes of pure focused time. Or, you can do what Kristen does: Block Facebook from 7am to 7pm a couple days a week, to ensure work times isn’t lost to the pull of her newsfeed.

And, it works cross-platfrom. Meaning you can set up a ‘freedom session’ from your desktop or mobile phone. Really cool.

The results? More focused time. More done. More easy. More sense of accomplishment. Less to think about.

Check out here. It’s $6.99 a month, or just $2.42 a month when you invest in the annual $29 membership.

Once you get one or two blocks of undistracted time under your belt, I suspect you will be hooked.


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