If you don’t feel good, it’s just a state of mind. It’s the perspective that you are adopting in the moment. All there is to do is to change your perspective. Look at it and expand out. Often times what happens when you don’t feel good is you get super focused on this one, little tiny thing that isn’t working. But if you expand your view a little bit and look around, you start to see there’s a lot in your life that is actually working right now.

The moment I see that there is a lot in my life that is working right now, I start to feel good again. The moment I feel good, I am more attractive. When I feel good, I am more charismatic. When I feel good, I’m smarter about stuff. When I feel good, I can take more effective action. When I feel good, I can say the right thing, do the right thing, you know, it’s just like you get in that flow. It’s all about your perception.