How you look at a situation influences your response.
Here’s what I mean:
You are at work. Sally says something that you think is rude.
“That Sally, she’s always such a jerk. Why can’t she just be nice?”
Now, no matter WHAT Sally does, you are convinced she is being rude.
Fast forward a week.
Sally is genuinely kind and helps someone out in the office. Your impression: Sally is just trying to make herself look good.
And you continue to view her as a problem to avoid.
But here’s the actual problem: YOU.
Because you’ve adopted a perspective that limits how you see Sally. No good deed she does is actually acknowledged. No, your mindset is grounded in your point of view – that only sees her one way.
This is what most people do. They live like their perspective is the only perspective.
And, you are missing out!
In reality Sally is helpful. She just has a communication style this is abrasive to you. It’s not her, it’s you.
Unfortunately, this scenario plays out over and over in your life, every day. What you THINK is true, is just your un-examined point of view.
As a result, you are limited by your mindset.
The good news; you can do something about it.
Learn about The Drunk Monkey – not just as a silly name I invented – but as the old, outdated biological system that holds you back.
When you do that, you begin to see that how you look at a situation influences your response.
And when you can see The Drunk Monkey in action, you can shift your response to one that more aligned with reality (like thanking Sally for being so helpful).
Your mindset matters.