The world you see out there, is just your opinion. There is no such world. Apparently there is something out there but science doesn’t seem to know what it is. Regardless of what science tells us, what you experience is completely unique and based on your perceptual filters.

For example: One of my clients has been upset with his daughter for not cleaning up after herself. I proposed to him that what he didn’t like about her is something he was unwilling to accept about himself. I told him that once he accepts it within himself, her messiness will no longer bug him. He didn’t agree.

So I asked, “Scale of 1-10 how organized are your finances?” He replied, “2”. I asked him if he was happy with that. He wasn’t. I asked a similar question about his closet and got a similar response. I asked him about his office, his car, his database. All were not as organized as he wanted. Within 2 minutes he realized that his life was a “mess” compared to what he wanted. He had been making himself wrong.

He’s stopped being bugged by his daughters messiness and started sorting out what blocks him from being as organized as he wants.