Every time something goes “wrong” in your life, ultimately you benefit from it.  If you are reading this article, you are the type of person who seems to “get by” no matter what happens.  Start looking back on all the things that have ever gone wrong and notice how you benefited from those situations.  Think of a recent situation that went wrong but ultimately you benefited from.  “Science of Success” founder Napoleon Hill says, “If you were diligent about it, you could find the seed of equivalent benefit in every adversity.”  Start getting excited about your problems, crises, and disasters. Without these contrasting moments, you wouldn’t know how good you have it most of the time.  If everything were always a bowl of cherries, you wouldn’t know you had it good.  You must have dark in order to know light.  You must have wrong in order to know right.  (Sounds like a good song lyric to me!

Every time something happens that isn’t what you expected, start saying “Thank you, universe, for sending me this contrasting moment.  I needed this to know how good I have it most of the time.”  Start declaring everything “perfect.”  Your boss tells you that your commission rate is being lowered.  You say “Perfect,” then, make up a reason why: “I’ve been wondering how I was going to go to the next level and make more sales.”  A prospect you’ve been counting on to close suddenly decides to not buy.  You say, “Perfect!”  Then make something up like, “I was getting too attached to that deal closing and it was making me feel off-kilter and out of balance.  Now, I can get back to feeling good.  I know the universe will always provide for me.”  Say that last part out loud and notice how true it feels:  “I know the universe will always provide for me.”

Choosing to focus on what works is rebellious.  People will think you are being a “Pollyanna,” and you know what?  You are!  A Pollyanna makes people feel good and feeling good causes people to lower their guard.  When people lower their guard they will see that you are there to help.  When people see that you are there to help, anything becomes possible.