Do you have post skin bug poop syndrome? Are you asking “what is post skin bug poop syndrome, Matthew?” Well, here’s the deal. I was watching the Discovery Channel the other day and this scientist was basically showing us how there are bugs that are eating our skin. They are then pooping. That poop is the smell that you are.

And the smell, the pheromones, when they go into your nose, will tell you if a person is compatible with you or not. And if they are, you have that incredible ecstasy moment. You know what I’m talking about? When you first come together with a new lover, it’s so amazing. Like the energy, the rush, the high is just unbelievable. But then after about 18 months, it goes away. And by that time most of us have either gotten into a very committed relationship because we were hoping that this high would stay or, you know, we’d marry the person or whatever.

But here’s the bottom line. It is after the bug poop smell factor wears off that you now actually have to create a relationship. And the issue that you’re going to face is that you were trained to believe that your way of operating in the world is the right way and that your spouse, mate, significant other’s way is the wrong way.

And that creates conflict. Most marriages these days, more than 50 percent now end up in divorce. There are so many people today who are single later in life. People are waiting to get married until their late thirties. Twenty years ago they would have thought the person was a loony, right? All people were married in their twenties, for example.

But today more than ever we have not yet figured out how we can come together and stay together. The key is to understand that the drunk monkey in your head is holding that person accountable to agreements that they never made and to realize that the way that you think that people should behave is not even your belief. You were conditioned like a dog to believe that. The people in your life conditioned you.

So what you want to do is you want to practice accepting your mate exactly the way that he or she is. Accept them exactly the way they are. Every time you get upset, I want you to notice you’re getting upset because they’re not fulfilling on some accountability that they never agreed to and every time you get annoyed if they’re breaking an expectation they didn’t even know existed. They didn’t know you – they don’t have a crystal ball. Let it go and watch what happens. You will see your happiness, your bliss, your joy go through the roof.