Do you get down on yourself? Do you ever feel ashamed of your negativity like you should be better than you are? As a person devoted to living in an enlightened framework, you are going to do negative things. That’s life.

Today, I’m going to take you through a process to release your shame.

Shame Recontextualization Script

Please set the intention for enlightened consciousness to flow through. To experience the purity of consciousness. To cast out any expression of consciousness not fully my own. Please release any hidden motive. Release any connection, imbalance, program, emotion or context.

Please set the intention to know that all is well. Please set the intention to practice total and complete acceptance of this moment. Of myself. Of all the people and situations that I experience. All I am experiencing is my interpretation. Please set the intention to accept my interpretations and adjust them to help me feel peace.

Please set the intention to release shame. Please set the intention to allow.  To allow myself to be exactly who I am. Happy, angry, excited, sad, up, down and everywhere in between. Everything that I experience is valid. No one is judging me for how I behave other than me.

Please set the intention to release my judgments of myself. I release holding myself accountable to made up standards. There is no rule that says, “you can not be angry or upset.” There are no rules that forbid me from being frustrated or disappointed. I’m growing. I see more for myself. There is a gap between where I am today and where I want to be. I am learning to surf that gap as I massage my life to get it the way I want.

I am making progress. I am gaining strength. I am moving the needle. Sometimes it feels like two steps backward. But that is often what it takes to make the leap forward. Things are getting better. More importantly. Life is not static. It is constantly changing. Anything that I am experiencing today is temporary. This too shall pass.

The most important question I can ask myself is, “What am I committed too?” (answer this)

What do I want? The outcome? (answer this)

If it wasn’t negative, what would the positive be? (answer this)

How do I want to feel? (answer this)

What do I have to release to move in that direction? (answer this)

Am I willing to give up my position and resistance to create what I want? (take a deep breath and answer this)

Please set the intention to release (answer) and experience (committed too) at this moment. (close eyes and feel yourself releasing)

Please set the intention to allow peace and harmony to be my experience no matter what is happening in my world. Allow everyone to be exactly as they are. Allow myself to be exactly as I am. I am infinitely variable. Never the same. Always shifting and changing. Sometimes reacting. Sometimes creating. Sometimes nothing. Nothing outside of you makes you feel anything. You can shift the context and get back to feeling good in a nanosecond.  It ain’t nothing till you call it something.

What are you going to say about this moment to restore your peace? (Make a declaration)