One of my clients sent me an email.  “Everything I manifested fell apart! Now what?”

This is my answer: You aren’t perfect, life isn’t consistent, and you are learning.

When what you want manifests and then everything goes to sh** don’t lose the lesson. Don’t lose the clarity comes from things not working.

There is a skill, discipline, belief, structure or accountability missing.

Think about it. What’s missing in your life so that you can pull things to you, and then they fall apart?

For example, in sales, one might be able to get the appointment but cannot get the deal signed. Each new manifestation has a series of steps that must be managed and mastered.

You might be able to pull the deal to you. Then your communication during the process sucks, so you blow it.

You might need to go all the way down to learn the lesson. There is no failure, just feedback.