Are you ready to have one of your best years?

If so, there are three words that can massively influence the way in which the next 12 months unfold for you.

The first word is Power: If you have it, life is easy.  If you don’t, life is hard.  Here’s the good news!  Even the most hopeless coaching clients I’ve worked with over the years had power… and it was up to me to help them free it and unleash that power so they could make cash, live the high life and make dreams come true… that is what you want in the next 12 months, right?  

So check it out… Power is the rate at which you translate your goals and dreams into reality.

Remember when it was easy to make money, succeed, and buy all the things that you wanted?  

In the early 2000’s … If you had a money-making idea, you just put it out there and bam, you were making money…   

Well, those days are long gone.  Back then, you didn’t need much power to succeed.  Today, you either muster up the inner strength to succeed or your goals die inside your head.

This I know for sure.  You have the power right now to achieve the goals that you have set… but the question is how?  How do you unleash that power inside of you?    

Let’s be honest, you know you have way more potential than you are currently expressing in your life…right?  Be honest.

I meet so many people who have big dreams… but they never take any action to achieve them.  Their power is blocked.  Today I want to help you to unblock your power, you cool with that?

Another word that will make sure the next 12 months are the best yet is…

Profit:  If you apply the right mindset to your current life and business, then you can make 2 times, even 3 times the money.

When you have no profit and no money, your life is really hard.  So my question is…have you had to cut spending way back?  Are you wearing old clothes?

Are you struggling with your finances?  Are you turning your kids down more often when they want something new?  Will this month be plentiful or scarce?

If you don’t have the money that you want, then what I am about to share has the power to be a pivot point in your life.

The 3rd aspect that will make the next 12 months your best year ever is…

Peace of Mind.  Without peace of mind, your life is stressful. No matter how much power you have and no matter how much money you have, peace of mind has the highest value in life… period.    

What I find interesting is that power and profit seem to be much easier to acquire when you have peace of mind.  

When you are peaceful you are more powerful.  When you are peaceful you make money easily.  A myth I’m committed to busting is the fact that almost all people believe that acquiring more money and power will ultimately lead them to more peace.  

I hate to break the news but it doesn’t happen.  I’m coaching a bunch of millionaires right now and no matter how much they achieve… the success and accomplishment… the money, the accomplishments never make them happy for very long.    

Success, accomplishment, and money might give you a quick fix… like a drug, but it soon wears off and you must seek the next thing to keep the high going.  Most people are like hamsters on a hamster wheel.  My commitment to the people of this planet is to reveal the secrets of being in a state of happiness and peace now and then using that energy to accomplish goals and create the life of your dreams.  

When you are happy, life works and you are naturally effective and powerful.  

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.  Some of you don’t really know me and I haven’t given myself a proper introduction.  So let me take a moment and bring you up to speed.  

I’ve been coaching successful people like you since 1993. I’ve personally coached more then 8,000 people to achieve happiness… which leads to success… by the way it’s not the other way around.  Success does not lead to happiness.  

My clients include a wide variety of successful people in the world today… as well as people who are ready to make the jump and become successful now.  

I coach CEOs who are leaders in their field, executives from top firms… I work with solo entrepreneurs, start-ups… salespeople, athletes and entertainers…. Anyone who is interested in having better performance but is sick of sacrificing living a balanced life in the process.  

Because you can do both.  Be happy and be successful all at the same time.  You just have to know the system.  You don’t need to put off happiness until you succeed.  If fact, success is easier if you get happy now, sound good?  

Though my clients have been primarily business people I don’t teach anything about business anymore…

Today I help people who have committed themselves to live a life of profound happiness and peace…. I help people take that energy and bring it into everything they do…which, by the way, happens to be a very powerful business strategy.  

Happy people are very resourceful and happy people are attractive.  When you are resourceful and attractive you get into Inspired Action.  Over nearly two decades I’ve developed very specific systems, processes and procedures by coaching thousands of powerful people just like you.   

Now… I believe that I have a little advantage over most experts in the personal development space… My father is the preeminent real estate coaching guru in the world.  He has been in the self-help industry since 1972 and was personally mentored by Earl Nightingale who literally invented the self-help industry.  In other words, I’m a third-generation expert in the field of human potential.  

At the tender age of 21, my father gave me unprecedented access to some of the greatest minds in business, sales, linguistics, productivity, time management, self-help, psychology, spirituality, and science.  I’ve been coached, trained, and mentored by the best in the world.  I’ve attended thousands of hours of seminars, lectures, retreats, and workshops.  I’ve sat at the feet of gurus.  I’ve meditated in the mountains of Tibet.  In all… I’ve studied 161 of the world’s greatest minds in the science of human potential.  You would think that I am set for life, right?  Wrong!  

Despite all this studying and mentoring, my life has been wrought with failure, heartache, and suffering.  I’ve learned from the best of the best how to be happy and successful and yet it has taken me 20 years of trial and error to discover that most of what my mentors taught me was a theory.  Not street-tested.  It just sounded like a good idea but in the end was not practical or implement-able in my own life… or even worse, hundreds of ideas didn’t work at all.  

My life has been a human potential experiment.  I can tell you exactly what it takes to miserable, broke, and pissed off at the world… because I’ve lived it. I’ve failed, lost money, gotten divorced, screwed up my relationship with my family, drove myself to drink and drug and almost go bankrupt.  All in the name of trying to be a successful businessman.    

Don’t get me wrong.  A lot of it worked too.  And I’m going to present stuff that has been proven to work to you tonight.  I have had many successes in the last 20 years as well.  I’ve made millions of dollars, started successful businesses.  I’ve applied what I learned to my passion of music and have written a chart-topping song.  But it’s important you understand that it’s not all lollipops and gold at the end of the rainbow.  After several major successes and several major failures, I finally discovered what it takes to have both… happiness and success.  

In 2007 I almost went bankrupt.  I was like a rose garden with a sewer underneath.  I looked great on the outside but on the inside, I was scared to death of failing publicly.  I put on the show but inside I felt like I was a nobody.  I was doling out advice and yet, what I was teaching wasn’t working in my own life.  

Through that failure, I discovered that there were 26 major factors for why I was failing.  Today I want to share 6 of them with you because I found that almost every person I have ever met is being stopped by these invisible barriers.  Each and every one of these barriers is mental. It’s all in your head!  Hello!  This is not a major news flash to people… I recently polled the participants of a training I was giving and I asked them, “What gets in the way of the success process more often?  The economy, your life or your mindset?”    

88% said their mindset.  Your mindset determines if you use the success tools you have learned over the years.  

If your mindset isn’t right, your life isn’t right.    

I don’t care how much stuff you have, if you aren’t feeling great about your life, all the stuff in the world doesn’t matter.  

How you see yourself and how you view the world, determines the kind of results you achieve.

Power, Profit and Peace of Mind is not something to be acquired.  

It is something that you allow to happen within you.    Power, profit and peace of mind is your natural state.    

There is nothing for you to do.  No action to take.    But you have to start by getting clarity.

What is your number one goal for the next 12 months?

What are the obstacles to achieving that?

Now if we were doing a typical self-help seminar, the speaker would tell you to make a plan, make an action list.  Make a vision board.  Make a plan to conquer those obstacles.    

But let’s be honest…that doesn’t help.  You know you need to conquer the obstacles but the truth is hidden from your view… You don’t even know what the real obstacles are.  

I propose you have been working on the same obstacles for decades and you’re still in a relatively similar place.

I know you have written goals, made plans, New Year’s resolutions and then done nothing about a bunch of the stuff you’ve written.  I know you have been stopped by some invisible barrier to success.  

I know it, because I lived it.  I know it because I’ve coached more than 8,000 people and everybody gets stopped by what I’m going to share with you now.  

This is the stuff that no other trainer will tell you.

Because this is the stuff that is stopping them too.    

Let me introduce you to The 6 Barriers to Achieving Goals and Dreams

You are living someone else’s vision and not your own.  

Has it ever occurred to you that your life is not even your own?  

Who says that life has to be the way that it is for you right now?  

How did it get this way?  

Why do you act the way you act?  

Why do you believe what you believe?

What you believe, determines what you think is possible.  

The problem most people have is that they have never taken the time to examine what they believe.  Therefore you don’t even know what is limiting you.    

You were conditioned to behave a certain way, to follow certain protocols, to believe this and that.

Your environment, your culture, your family, your religion… you didn’t choose this life, my friend. I want you to consider, just for a moment that if you had been born in another part of the country or the world, that you would have adopted an entirely different set of behaviors, habits, and perspectives.

But the truth of the matter is that you are the king or queen of your own universe!  

You don’t really know how things should be. Most likely you’ve never really examined why you do things the way you do, or want the things that you want.

Now, wait a minute Matthew Ferry. So many people say, “I’m living the dream now… I’m doing a lot of what I want!”  yes, if you were attracted to me, then you are definitely living a life that is more by choice than others BUT I MEAN B-U-T I would be willing to bet there are many things you do out of guilt and obligation.  

I bet you do things all the time that you don’t really want to do.  And I bet that these activities degrade your happiness and peace.  And I bet you believe that you HAVE to do them.  And based on your conditioning, you DO have to do them.  

Name 2 things in your life, that you do because you have to… but if you could, you would stop doing them. (Have a mortgage, work, pay the bills, dress a certain way, have relationships with people you don’t even like… what is it for you?)

Consider you never designed your environment, your personality, or your life.  Consider your life is a reaction to the circumstance you find yourself in. 

If you haven’t created your life based on your heart’s desire, then you are living someone else’s vision… PERIOD… End of Story!  

How do you know if you are living someone else’s vision?  

Procrastination is a key indicator.  If you know what to do, but you don’t do it, then you are probably living someone else’s vision and not your own.  

One of our clients is a salesperson.  She’s a single mom with three kids, living in a nice house.  She makes okay money.  Before she started working with me, I asked her how she would rate her life satisfaction on a scale of 1-10. She said it was a 2.    

When I dug deeper, she told me that she is constantly procrastinating. She always feels tired and overwhelmed. The little things never get done. Her house is a mess. Her car is a mess. Her office is a mess.  She feels like everything is a chore.   

She told me that she is constantly managing disasters and she never gets to what is important in her life.  

As a consequence, she feels like she is forced to take action because so much of her life is in red alert mode.  It’s a vicious cycle that she has been in for 40 years.  She told me her biggest fear is that her life will be like this forever.  

She has been terrified that she would ultimately have to admit that she was average at best… and her dreams were out of her reach.  

If you are living YOUR OWN vision, then you have no problem taking action and doing it.  If you love what you are doing, you will do it. Procrastination is no longer an issue.  

You have to tackle the cause, not the effect.  

No to-do list or organizing system is ever going to help.  There are no productivity systems that are going to help you if you don’t deal with the root cause.  

Here’s the good news, After only 3 months of REPETITION with the concepts and ideas that I teach, she is rating her life satisfaction at a 7.  

She feels on purpose and she is getting more important things done in a week then she was in a year before.  She has stopped working from guilt and obligation and started working from inspiration.  

But you go to most productivity gurus and they will just tell you to get organized!!  Make a to-do list.  Make a dream board so you can get inspired. Ultimately they tell you to stop procrastinating. Then they say, “Good, that will be $5000…. next in line!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get organized, made the list, created my dream board and I still procrastinated.

You cannot stop procrastinating until you see the exact way in which your mind is wired to function.    You won’t stop procrastinating until you see that your mind actually believes that our heart’s deepest desires are potentially dangerous.  

Your mind thinks that living your true vision is dangerous and it avoids it.  If you don’t learn how to spot the mind in action, trying to keep you safe from the goals and dreams that would actually make you feel fulfilled, then you will forever remain a prisoner of your mind and its irrational fears.  

Now, let’s go to the next success barrier and I will show you exactly how your mind takes you out of the game and robs you of making money and thriving. This is the stuff that the most powerful people in the world know intuitively but nobody has broken it all down into easily learned pieces.  

If you let me, I will revolutionize your life!

Success Barrier #2


You believe what your mind tells you.

The truth is that your mind is not your friend.  Most of the time, it doesn’t even like you.  

Let’s be honest.  Who else calls you fat, ugly, and stupid? Who else is sure you are not good enough?  Who else makes fun of what you say, how you say it, your behavior, the way you look, the way you dress?    

Just the Drunk Monkey!  Oh yeah, that’s my little nickname for the mind.  I call it The Drunk Monkey.  You know how drunk people are totally obnoxious and say whatever they think?  Have you ever been drunk and regretted what you said when you sobered up?  

Well, the monkey in your head still says the same stuff, it is just that when you are intoxicated, you actually verbalize it.  The Drunk Monkey is saying stuff like that all the time isn’t it?    

The #1 reason you are not as happy as you want to be and successful as you want to be is the fact that you have accidentally assumed that all that talking in your head is who you are.  

This is what 99% of the personal development programs of the world fail to teach you. The talking in your head is just biology. You can’t even control it.  Which is a major problem. Because:  

You get what you focus on.    

If you allow The Drunk Monkey to run wild, it will screw your life up and stop you from achieving power, profit, and peace of mind.  Have you ever noticed you have absolutely no control over The Drunk Monkey (that voice in your head, the commentator, the ego, the personality, the devil inside)?  

It doesn’t like you!  It doesn’t like other people!  It doesn’t like people driving next to you on the freeway.  It doesn’t like the lady at the cash register. It doesn’t like your teacher, your boss, your co-workers!  If you really got honest, a lot of the time, it doesn’t even like your lover, spouse, husband or wife.  How about your kids?  Does it like them?  Mostly, no.  The mind is always complaining about other people.  It wants people to change.  It wants people to comply with its rules.  It wants to dominate everyone.  

The Drunk Monkey kills your happiness and success.  

You actually believe the crap that The Drunk Monkey spews out.  It’s not positive.  It’s not optimistic.  It only wants to survive.  It’s trying to keep you alive by puffing up like a big pufferfish.  Trying to prove to the world that you are better than others. The Enlightened Drunk Monkey says it wants peace and tolerance and turns right around and makes the intolerant people wrong and the enlightened people right!  The Drunk Monkey doesn’t want tolerance, The Drunk Monkey wants compliance.    

All the self-help programs tell you that you have to be positive. Good luck!  There is nothing positive about The Drunk Monkey.  

Positive thinking is like smearing icing on a mud pie.    All our mentors tell us to train your minds.  Use affirmation and visualization.  But I have news: You ain’t gonna train The Drunk Monkey!  You have to learn to neutralize The Drunk Monkey. Big difference.

Let’s be honest. The Drunk Monkey will never be positive or enlightened.  It will always find a way to insert hate, anger, misery, and frustration into your life.  That is its job.  

It is a protection mechanism that you have accidentally thought of as yourself.  But here’s the crazy thing.  We are all doing this.  Every human being is stricken with the uncomfortable problem of The Drunk Monkey.  You are not unique and neither am I.  

GET REAL, PLEASE!  If people in your life were as hard on you as The Drunk Monkey, they wouldn’t be your friends.  Yet, you have put up with this thing in your head for your entire life!  

It’s annoying, isn’t it?  It keeps you awake at night and it won’t shut up.  You tell it to shut up because you have a big day the next day and it shouts back “You shut up!  I’ve got problems to solve!”    

You make a commitment to lose some weight and The Drunk Monkey keeps saying “One cookie won’t hurt.”  

You try to control the monkey with affirmations and it laughs at you.  There you are in the mirror “I’m the best, I love myself, I am powerful” and who’s looking right back at you?  The Drunk Monkey!  “You’re the best loser!  You love yourself?  What about that fat nose you have, do you love that?” the Monkey says.  

You are like a puppet tied to strings.  You do what The Drunk Monkey wants you to do.  You walk into a room full of strangers committed to meet some new people and it stops you from approaching people and pulls your strings like a puppet and back you go to the same old uninteresting people you always talk to.  

It doesn’t care about you.          

It doesn’t care about your dreams.          

It doesn’t care about your goals.          

It is not interested in your progress.          

It is not interested in your expansion.          

It is not interested in your creativity.

It is not interested in accomplishment.  

If you don’t learn how to deal with the talking in your head, then you will be stuck for your whole life, period, end of story. Game over.  Master the monkey, master your life.  

What has your mind been saying to stop you from living your dreams?

You know The Drunk Monkey is in charge of your life when you are blaming others for you not achieving your goals.    

You know the Drunk Monkey is in charge when you are blaming the economy for your lack of success.  

You know The Drunk Monkey is in charge of your life when you are paralyzed by doubt.   

If you keep making bad decisions.   

If you feel like you are the underdog…  

like everyone else seems to know how to succeed but you don’t.   

If you feel like you are paddling upstream, then The Drunk Monkey is running the show.  

And to top it all off, The Drunk Monkey will try to protect you by saying, “It’s not my fault!  My husband is holding me back!  The economy is bad!  I’m too old!  I’m too shy!  I don’t have the right degree!  I never went to college!”  If any of these excuses sound familiar, then you are screwed… because you are actually listening to the talking in your head.  

You have to find a way to disassociate yourself from all this talking in your head.    I have seen that it can only be done through repetition.  You can train yourself to stop listening to all that negative crap in your head and you can create the life you desire.  It’s not magic.  It’s a process.  It just takes time.  

Success Barrier #3

Is your life is harder than you think it should be?  

Do you sometimes feel like you are swimming upstream?  

You have accidentally convinced the world that you are weak and powerless.  

What you talk about becomes your reality.   

What have you been talking to people about lately? The economy?  Your latest problem?  What isn’t working about your life your business?   Why you can’t do it?

This is a survival mechanism.  The Drunk Monkey is trying to keep what might be potentially dangerous upfront in your awareness.   The Drunk Monkey is a survival machine.  It’s not who you are.  The Drunk Monkey wants to look good, be right, and prove to the world that it is worth keeping around.  It sees the world incorrectly.  It sees the world as if you have no control over it.  

The Drunk Monkey is convinced that you are the victim of your circumstances.  That if the circumstances would change, then you would succeed.  It creates excuses to justify your lack of action.    

When you speak about these excuses, they become a trap.  Because people begin to accept that your limitations are true.  They hold you accountable to these limitations.  So if you try to change for the better, they tell you to don’t even bother, it will never work.  Just be satisfied with where you are. Why do you always have to try and change….

Do the people in your life ever try to hold you back?  Do you feel like the people in your life don’t get it and don’t want you to succeed?  If so, it’s because YOU have convinced them that you are small and weak.  

They are not negative… you have trained them to think about you in a negative way.  This is really hard to admit.  But it is 100% the truth.

Write down your number one excuse for not taking action on your goals and dreams?  

What is it?

Consider you have convinced the world that this excuse is true and now they are holding you to it.  You have created your own prison.  

Is this the reality you want to create for yourself?  Is this what you want to be known for?  Does this conversation move your life forward?  

When you speak to people you create their expectations.  If people don’t expect you to go after your goals and dreams, they don’t feel compelled help, support or advocate for you.  People relate to you exactly the way you convince them that they should.  

You create a prison for yourself with your words.  

The opportunities you currently have in your life are directly related to what you have been speaking about.  

So how do you know if you have created a prison for yourself?  

It’s very simple.  

Do you get projects started and then have them fall apart before they are complete?  

You feel all alone.  Nobody helps you.  You have to do everything yourself.  If you have convinced people that you are weak and powerless, this is what your life is destined to be.  

If you want the next 12 months to be your best year ever, then you must learn to ignore all the insanity in your head about how you aren’t good enough and start telling people what you are committed to.  You must learn to give up the stories you have told yourself about why you can’t do it.   

Success Barrier #4

You rely on force and motivation versus power and inspiration  

Force means to push against.  Motivation means provided with a motive for action.  

If you need a motive for action, it means you don’t want to do the action…so you have to bribe yourself.  If you have to bribe yourself to take action, then you won’t be very effective.  If you are not very effective, then it will take lots of effort to produce results.  

You can accomplish goals and dreams in one of two ways.  You can push or you can be pulled.  

Being pulled is amazing and exhilarating.  Having to push is hard.

If you don’t know who you are, then you are probably pushing and forcing things to happen because you’re probably doing things that aren’t in alignment with your highest good.  

If you have convinced the world that your excuses are true, and then you have to push and force your ideas into existence because you have convinced the world that your circumstances are greater than you are.  

It becomes evident that the first three success barriers are stopping you, everything seems harder or more stressful than it should be.

When you feel like you aren’t getting there fast enough, when things aren’t easy, effortless, and enjoyable, you are likely using force instead of inspiration and magnetism.

Write down a few things that have been hard or stressful lately:

What have you not been doing lately but you know you should?

Diet, exercise, working on your relationship, moving a project forward, getting organized?

What have you been doing out of guilt or obligation?

Procrastination, doing things because of guilt, taking action because you “have to” these are all signs that you are aligned with force.  If life is hard, you need lots of energy to get moving and get things done.  Most people don’t have enough energy to operate consistently this way so they end up procrastinating or just quitting.  Working this way means you are making your life more difficult than it needs to be.  

Inspiration is defined as “imbued with the spirit to do something.”  Imagine life becoming easy, effortless, and enjoyable.  What if you woke up in a state of inspired action on a regular basis.  When you know who you are… when you no longer pay attention to The Drunk Monkey in your head… when everyone in your world expects you to achieve the goals you have set, you feel like you are having a life orgasm!  

Something inside of you begins to pull you forward… you feel like you are being carried on the wings of unseen forces…. People come to your aid, the right people at the right time show up… everything speeds up… everything starts to work with perfect synchronicity… you can’t wipe the smile off your face.  

So how do you get there?  You must start to cancel everything you are doing out of guilt and obligation.  

You must learn how to say no.  No is one of the most powerful words in the world.

What do you need to say “no” to right now?

The Drunk Monkey wants to say yes to all kinds of stupid things because it wants to manipulate people into liking you.  The Drunk Monkey doesn’t care if you suffer… as long as you look good and fit in.  This simply makes your life hard, stressful and generally a mess.

Success Barrier #5

You mistake downtime for failure and quit too soon.  

The entire personal development industry tries to sell us on the idea that success will come and it will be big and it will stay big.  That’s just absolutely not true.  

And if you don’t learn the true nature of success, you will quit right before you succeed.  

Success is a series of well-managed breakdowns.  Success is skipping from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.  

What you want IS coming.  But it takes longer than you want.  

Why?  Because you have a lot to learn.  Your life is not set up to achieve those big goals and dreams just yet.    

What you want comes in waves.  At first, there is a trickle of energy as you start to realize that you want something or you want to create something…. Then it starts building.  What you want is coming.  There is absolutely no doubt about it.  What you want doesn’t come all at once.  It comes in waves.  Peaks and valleys.  The crest and the trough.  First, you get a little, then a little bit more, a little more, the trickle turns into a flow, the flow into a current and then the tsunami hits you!    

That may take a week, a month, it could take your entire lifetime. It really depends on how far off your expectations are.  In other words, it takes as long as it takes for you to believe it can really happen.

You have to learn to believe you can achieve the new goal. The new goal will bring all kinds of new lessons you have to learn. You have to learn to deal with the new activities that accompany your goal, the new types of conversations, all-new actions, a whole new set of procedures, and ultimately you have to set up new systems to stabilize your new goal.  

There is going to be a lot of highs and lows, ups and downs, setbacks and victories, breakdowns and breakthroughs.  I call this natural ebb and flow, riding the waves.  

The key is to know that what you want is coming…   If you are in breakdown, then get excited.    

Breakdown is the beginning of breakthrough.  

The way you build muscle is to destroy the muscle you have so it can rebuild itself more powerfully.  Same thing with your life.  

But ultimately this is a battle between you and The Drunk Monkey.  The Drunk Monkey wants to keep you safe.  It does not want to be confronted.  It does not like risk.  Your new goal is risky.

If you don’t learn how to deal with The Drunk Monkey, then you will quit or give up when you are simply in a trough.  Waves have crests and troughs.  When the wave is cresting, you are excited, energized, and in action.    

But soon that wave dies or more likely, you wipe out because you don’t know what you are doing.  In that moment, you must have power over The Drunk Monkey or it will absolutely get you to quit.    

Are you in a trough now in your life?  Do your projects and dreams seem dead right now?  Are things flat?  No waves.  Is your life stagnant?  This is good news.    This is a time for you to rest, recover, treat yourself well, take more naps, spend time dreaming, thinking or working on yourself… this is a time for getting ready for the next wave.  You can’t be all on… all the time… You must take the time to rest and regroup.    But The Drunk Monkey is afraid to rest.  It believes that a time of rest is a failure.  It’s not a failure until you stop going after what you want.  

Success Barrier #6

You allow The Drunk Monkey to resist people, situations and yourself.  

The Drunk Monkey’s job is to keep you alive.  The problem is, your life is not dangerous.  This is a big problem.  Because if you let The Drunk Monkey run the show…  if you allow yourself to be The Monkey’s puppet… you will shoot yourself in the foot.  The Drunk Monkey is trying to keep you safe from people that aren’t even a threat.    

The Drunk Monkey is trying to keep you safe from situations that aren’t even dangerous.  The Drunk Monkey is trying to fix you… even though you aren’t flawed or broken.  

The Drunk Monkey resists your life and if you let it, it will drive you crazy.    

This leads to anxiety, stress, depression, it will drive you to drink and overeat.  Your body becomes toxic and now you are really in trouble because The Drunk Monkey will beat you up for that too.  

What you resist will persist.  What you accept will transform.  When you resist people, situations, and yourself, you end up using precious brain power for stupid pointless endeavors.  

Just listen to The Drunk Monkey…  “He’s such a jerk… if he didn’t do that, I wouldn’t be in this position.”  “Why did I have to be born here, if I was born over there, my life would have been so much easier”  “I’m so fat.  I have no energy.  I’m not going to even try because I can’t do it anyway”  If you listen to the mind, you will see that it spends the majority of its time regretting, resisting, strategizing, and forecasting.  All of which is a total waste of time and mostly makes you feel bad!

Who you have you been resisting lately?   

What do you wish was different about your life lately?

What do you resist about yourself?  Wish were different?

Notice how The Drunk Monkey is protecting you from people, situations and yourself.  None of it is dangerous.  Just laugh at The Drunk Monkey.  Notice that it’s delusional.  You must make the mind your servant… but you have accidentally made it your master.

Here is a quote from Albert Einstein

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.
We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Not knowing all the ways The Drunk Money is holding you back…is like having a giant thumb grinding into the top of your head, keeping you down.

Here’s what you have to look forward to if you don’t get this figured out.

You will continue to procrastinate.

You will start projects and abandon them right before you succeed.

You will be afraid to go after the big game-changing goals.

You will feel unmotivated, uninspired, bummed out,

You will feel less than other people.

Ultimately you will settle for less and be average.

Why?  Because you are accidentally allowing a survival mechanism called The Drunk Monkey to run your life.  You are The Drunk Monkey’s puppet.  

If your life does not work the way you want it to, then it is because of The Drunk Monkey…period…end of story.  Either learn to master it or live a life of mediocrity.  If you are like me and my more then 8,000 clients, then you have literally watched yourself do totally stupid things and thought to yourself, why am I doing this stupid thing?  At that moment, you realize that something else is in charge of your life…  
Listening to my voice, right now, causes you to realize… that … somewhere deep down inside… the real you is screaming… Let me out!  I want to live! Get me out of this prison!

Here’s the bottom line. When you start to become aware of how these six barriers to success are impacting you, then you can begin to take action.

It all begins with awareness!