Can feeling grateful help you financially? Well, the answer is very simple. Being grateful helps you to focus on the things that are working in your business. You will focus on things that make money, which means that you’re going to bolster those things, so people who are grateful find themselves taking the right action. What do I mean by right action?

Well, think about it like this: If I am freaked out, pissed off, annoyed, agitated and I’m focused on how nothing is working and it’s not going right, then I’m going to be in a state of fear and doubt. And when I’m in that state, I’m not effective. My brain is not working correctly. I’m not communicating powerful and positive things. I’m not able to take actions in a way that are going to get extremely positive results.

When I’m aligned with the truth, and the truth is that life is good and that there are many aspects of my life that are working, then I say the right thing. I’m in the right place at the right time. Amazing things come out of my mouth and I’m able to make money. Will gratitude help you financially? Absolutely, yes.