How can practicing gratitude shape your destiny? The answer is very simple. You become what you think about, so you need to focus on what is working in your life. The more you focus on how your life is good and on what makes you happy, the more your life becomes what makes you happy! Your life becomes all the things you are grateful for.   So your future becomes more and more what you like about your life.

Now let’s look at the other side of it.  The Drunk Monkey in your head, and it’s talking and thinking about what’s not working, what you’re afraid of, what you need to avoid and fix. The Drunk Monkey is attracting more of that stuff into your life. It’s attracting more of what you don’t want, so your life becomes progressively more difficult to deal with.  Gratitude literally turns your life in a direction that is more of what you want. It will shape your destiny in ways that you can’t even imagine. Your life is gonna become progressively more joyous as you’re practicing gratitude.

Today, start saying “Thank You.” Thank you for the good, thank you for the bad (and the opportunity to learn and grow). Starting with “Thank you” is a powerful was to start experiencing gratitude in all areas of your life.

Thank you for reading!