Did you know when you set goals, intentions or dreams, it immediately creates contrast?

Think about it like this; you set the goal to be kind. In that moment, all the things in your life that piss you off come up. All the places in which you have to examine how you are not kind and how you relate to the world in an unkind, judging, mean, nasty way begin to flood your thoughts.

Same thing with setting an intention to make more money. The minute you do that, your mind instantly becomes aware of all the money you DON’T have, and you start experiencing “not-enough-money” syndrome.

This is contrast: the gap between what you have now, and the new goal, desire or intention that you’ve set. Contrast amplifies your desire. It gets you really clear about what you need to do, what actions you need to take. Contrast is necessary to move things forward.

The moment I set a goal, for example, to generate another ten clients, I immediately become aware of how I’m not set up to do that. I don’t have a system. I don’t have it on my schedule. And this insight gives me an opportunity to choose new actions, new behaviors, new thoughts, new ways, to produce the results that I want.

Your goals and your dreams provide the contrast necessary for clarity and amplify your desire. When you see the benefit of contrast, you can begin using it your advantage as the inspiration to go after what you really want.

So where are you experiencing contrast today?