Eric Thompson and his daughter

Eric Thompson had an extremely rough childhood and a difficult first half of his adult life. Bi-polar disorder, depression and unfortunate life circumstances left him feeling as if he was hated by everyone, and this had negative consequences on his business and his family. But thanks to the power of the Ignite Mastermind, Eric now enjoys an abundant life where money, love and gratitude are part of his day-to-day experience. Read on to learn about how he made his amazing transformation!

Meet Ignite Mastermind Member Eric Thompson:

  • Well accomplished Inventor from Indiana;
  • Devoted his career to developing little known methodologies related to quantum non-localities;
  • Other passions: new technologies related to subtle energy, torsion science, energy medicine and free energy concepts;
  • Unique feature: has begun discovering energy medicine technologies capable of healing any disease, blockchain technologies to utilize digital monetary transactions as a means of producing free energy out of the quantum vacuum.

Q: Eric, I know you’ve had a very difficult personal life. How did personal development help in changing your circumstances?

A: For the last 15-16 years, self improvement has been the most important thing in my life. The first half of my adult life was very chaotic, neurotic and difficult. On top of having a troubled childhood, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and that made my life very messy. Add on hardcore depression, and you have a formula for misery.  Personal development wasn’t just a fun activity. It was an absolute necessity if I was going to survive. It was a matter of life or death for me. It’s definitely been a journey. I’m at the point in my life now where I can afford to invest a lot more money into personal development. Last year, I believe I spent anywhere between $100,000-$150,000 on my own personal development. 

Q: Were other areas of your life in a similar state of chaos? 

A: Oh yeah, what I told you was just the beginning. I had actually spent the better part of 4-5 years being homeless before finally discovering Dr. David Hawkins’ work and getting on a healing path. I was dysfunctional with my relationships. In fact, I COULD NOT keep relationships with anyone. I would spend large amounts of time alone because I simply didn’t want to deal with other people. 

“The Hidden Motives to Survive have been programmed into human consciousness for millennia. And, they work, for living a survival-based existence. For someone like you, whose basic needs are already met, using these motives to survive is extremely degrading and they block your path to experiencing enlightened states”. – Matthew Ferry

My Internet business, which involves creating quantum-energy-powered apps for wellness and lifestyle, was beginning to feel like a never-ending grind. It was a real struggle to work all the time. The technology was unique and nothing on the market is quite like it, so I always have to promote it as much as I can. I had no industry standards to go by for my product, so I had to invent them. Overall, things would get super stressful in my life. It was very hard to reset and refocus my mind so I could be functional. 

Q: And how did this journey lead to you hearing about Matthew’s work? 

A: This was around 11 years ago, when Matthew was involved in a group I joined called “Self Awareness Institute”. I had heard about his mastermind back then (which had a different name) but could not afford to join at the time. So I made it a long-term goal of mine.

What attracted me to Matthew most was how he married enlightenment and prosperity into a congruent and unique message without being self-contradictory. Every other spiritual teacher and celebrity I worked with leaned too much towards one side at the exclusion of the other. The fact that Matthew struck the perfect balance was what made him so unique to me. I couldn’t poke any holes in his teachings. The more I get involved, the more obvious the congruence is. And it’s even proved out in my own life. Matthew’s philosophy is self-demonstrating in that you will see it becoming self-evident in your life. 

Furthermore, I never felt as if Matthew was trying to prove anything to prove himself to anyone. He was open with sharing what he knew and gave people the freedom to apply it for themselves (or not). 

Q: So let’s talk about when you eventually joined the mastermind. What was going through your mind at the time? 

A: I eventually left the Self-Awareness Institute and lost touch with Matthew’s work for several years. But sometime in 2019, my interest was re-awakened when I heard Matthew published his new book “Quiet Mind Epic Life”. He was opening up registration for his muscle-testing school and I decided to join. I had learned muscle testing with David Hawkins around 15 years ago, which was equally profound and discouraging. Muscle testing seemed to be all over the place, and I could not figure out why it wasn’t working for me. This was made worse by the paradigm my teachers operated under, which was “If your muscle testing isn’t correct, you have low consciousness”. I knew that wasn’t true, not because of ego, but because I had so many breakthrough transformations in my life that this paradigm just didn’t make sense. 

With Matthew’s muscle testing, however, it was as if I had finally cracked the code. I started having longer moments of complete peace, free of survival consciousness. I then attended the Epic Life Live event, and that helped me enter a flow state several times. I was also interested in Matthew’s particular distinction between survival consciousness and thriving consciousness. I could FEEL the difference in my own life and instantly know whether I was in one or the other. At this point, I had experienced several shifts and been through enough breakthroughs to know that the mastermind would be worth the cost of admission. If I was experiencing all of these mind-boggling moments without the mastermind, the quantum leaps I could look forward to would be invaluable to me. 

Q: Let us fast forward to the time where you met everyone at the in-person retreat for the first time. Was it difficult for you? 

A: It certainly was. I’ve been single for the last 17 years, and sometimes people who raise their consciousness to a high level find themselves retreating from society as a whole. That’s what I did. I found it difficult to find other people who wouldn’t think of me as strange, and I often felt alienated. It was easier for me to spend time alone, and just work on my business at home. When I went to the Epic Life Live event, I sat all the way in the back. I didn’t initiate social contact but I was cordial to anyone who came up to talk to me. 

When I joined the mastermind, it was still hard to get along but I was better at introducing myself to others. What stopped me from putting myself out there was a fundamental misperception which said “I am hated” and it permeated all my life decisions. But being a part of the mastermind has allowed me to feel safe with the other members. I’ve been in the group for nearly a year now, and my level of comfortability and familiarity with the other members has quadrupled. And Matthew himself is an extremely authentic human being. He was very welcoming and generous. The weekend I spent with him at Epic Life LIve was a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings for me. 

Q: It takes a lot of courage to have shown up to the in-person retreat when your mind chatter was telling you to stay home, so I commend you on your persistence! What were you feeling as you left the in-person retreat? 

A: I’ve been to 2 retreats as of now. Every time I go, I feel a huge jump in consciousness. And when I come back I am a tangibly different person. It’s a change that sticks – it is an evolving experience, not a fleeting state. I can recall when Matthew told us “When we’re all involved in this work, when one person has their consciousness elevated and they achieve balance, it affects the whole group”. This is definitely true in my experience, as you can feel the synergy that takes place between people. 

Even after our weekly phone calls, I often experience a surge of positive energy which rushes through my body and sometimes I don’t know how to handle it. It’s a wonderful feeling which I’m very grateful for, even when it’s a bit overwhelming. Every single aspect of the mastermind has shifted my contextual perception of my business and my life. 

Q: I want to dive deeper into some of the changes which happened in your business as a result of being in the mastermind. Would you be willing to share some of them? 

A: Oh yes, there are far too many changes to count. 

The most surprising change is in my business. As an inventor, I LOVE to invent. I will often spend most of my time inventing or working on creative projects because that brings me the most joy. I don’t “have” to work but I’m just so deeply inspired. I know most of Matthew’s clients are in the real estate industry, and part of their lifestyle is striving to make more money working fewer hours. But I never wanted fewer hours. I just wanted to do what I loved without any resistance or judgment towards it. 

“You are committed to thriving. You don’t seek Quiet Mind Epic Life because you are in a survival state. Joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, prosperity, love, and contentment are not survival pursuits. They are the pursuits of a person who is thriving”. – Matthew Ferry

The year prior to the mastermind, the business pulled in $260,000 for the year (which is not a lot in the type of business I operate due to the expenses involved). Last year the business brought in roughly $440,000. But I’m not attached to it, nor am I worried about it. As a side note, I was approached with a job in December 2019 where I got paid the most amount of money I’ve ever received for a job. That same company is now asking me to fly out to Los Angeles so they can purchase exclusive rights to market the apps I’ve created for my own company. 

This is a big deal for my company, and yet I have no attachment to the outcome. I’m at peace right now. Whether this type of deal happens with this organization, or an opportunity of equal value comes my way from somewhere else, I rest assured knowing that bigger things are coming. And yet, I’m not using this as an excuse to be lazy. I’m dreaming, planning, strategizing and working more diligently to create more value than ever, but also with less attachment than ever to the outcome.

Q: I know 2020 will be a fantastic year for you and your business. But what about your relationships and your well-being? Have those areas of your life improved as well? 

A: My relationships are now more harmonious. I’m getting along with my parents more than ever, and I have a much deeper connection with my daughter and grandson. Even in my business relationships, people have noticed that I’m so much easier to work for. 

My buying decisions have also changed. I used to be afraid to spend money on needed expansions for the business, but I was often inhibited due to the fear of not having enough (which is an expression of the hidden motive greed). Thanks to the mastermind, I’m in a much clearer head space right now. Even though I’m making more money, I’m honed in on my work and I’m not concerned with my finances. I’m able to make needed business investments with confidence and foresight.

I don’t feel financial pressure anymore. Even when my business had made several hefty investments to protect our intellectual property and grow our organic reach on Google and social media, I still feel as if I have the room to create. And this is on top of paying my expenses and the salaries of the people whom I am employing. 

One big change I’ve noticed is how I handle my hidden motives to survive. With the tools I have, I can now see which one is at play during moments of disempowering thoughts. Combined with muscle testing, I can balance my consciousness in mere minutes. Without those tools, it would take me years – if not an entire lifetime – to deal with these things. 

And as for experiencing conflict in my life, I discovered it was driven by my resistance towards other people. “It’s not them, it’s always me” is my new mantra. By owning that, I can balance myself out and release resistance within seconds. I’ve always been fond of a quote I heard from somewhere which goes like “If you really think you’re enlightened, go spend time with your family.” 

With my daughter, mother, stepdad, and other family members, these difficult relationships could sometimes trigger me in multiple ways. But with my newfound awareness of these triggers, I can completely remove these triggers or at least lessen their severity so that they don’t affect how I express myself (and create further unwanted conflict). 

Q: WOW! Just before we end the interview…if someone is reading this and wants to experience the same quantum leaps you made with the mastermind, what would you tell them before joining? 

A: If you are not feeling a natural pull towards joining the mastermind, it is likely not for you. That’s perfect. Nothing wrong with that at all. But if you are feeling an attraction to the Mastermind, there’s a good chance it might be a good fit for you. If you decide it is for you, then I encourage you to show up to every single meeting, attend all of the retreats, and make a full commitment. If you just show up even when you don’t feel like it, this will be enough. If you need help, teaming up with an accountability partner at least once a week will 10x the value you get from the mastermind. 

Be honest about the breakdowns you are going through. There is an indescribable synergy in the group where as long as you keep coming back, your consciousness will continue to evolve. The synergy created amongst the mastermind members cannot be faked, and it is impossible to duplicate through books or some kind of personal development system. 

The mastermind has been a game-changer for me, and I believe it can be a catalyst for any high conscious person who wants to take their well-being to the next level. Show up, commit to just attending the meetings and the retreats, and everything else will naturally take care of itself.