Most think that if I am truly being free, then I can do what ever I want.  Nope!  That is being a slave to your wants.  Your wants are almost always a reaction to something from the past.  Your wants are usually about NOT being something, NOT doing something or NOT being dominated by something.

True freedom comes out of discipline.  The discipline of observing The Drunk Monkey (your mind) and not allowing its fear to run your life.  The discipline of seeing The Drunk Monkey for what it really is.  These two disciplines give you the freedom to choose thoughts and perceptions that support your true desires.  Once you are clear about your true desires/purpose you must begin to do battle with all the habits that are not giving you what you really want out of life.

To break the habits that you created out of the fear of not fitting in, trying to look good, and all the other hallucinated survival tactics, you must exert discipline.  The Drunk Monkey habitually pulls you back to the familiar.  The familiar is a set of entrenched habits that currently has you trapped in the life you are living.

To live the life of your dreams takes massive discipline.