I was working with a client recently, and she said to me, “I’m afraid to create my big vision right now. I just think – I’m in such flux. I’m in such transition in my life, that whatever I create right now, I know three to six months from now, it’ll be irrelevant.”

And I said to her, “Whoa. Whoa, whoa. I want you to be ballsy right now. I want you to create a huge future that gets you excited, that brings your energy up, so you can experience the joy of it now knowing it’ll be irrelevant in three to six months, because it’ll be irrelevant for everybody in three to six months! I don’t care who you are.”

Whatever vision you create today will ratchet you up a couple notches. And from that new point of view, when you look out into the world, you’re going to say, “Wait a second. I want something totally different. I want to change it, or I want to adjust it.”

See, a plan is a working, living, breathing document. It’s not set in stone. Goals are not set in stone. Your goals are nothing more than devices to create new experiences for you. Your goals and dreams are about creating experiences for you, whether you accomplish them or not, who cares? It’s who you become in the process that counts.