As a student and teacher of influential language patterns for over two decades, I love setting intentions.

The other day a gentleman named Ed emailed me one of his intentions: To believe in my ability to consistently produce the results needed for success, regardless of the Market or my circumstances.

Very powerful stuff.

I really like how Ed is accountable for his success, no matter what. This is a trait of a high producer.

And, yet something in his intention caught my attention…

The word “consistently.”

Check out the perspective I shared with Ed about the concept of “consistency.”

Hey Ed,

Have you considered that “consistently” is a standard that you invented? I suspect your standard means “foot on the gas, producing at a high level” or something like that.

This standard for “consistently” tends to ignore the natural ebb and flow of things.

Meaning, the sun isn’t always up. Waves aren’t always crashing on the beach. We aren’t always awake. There are natural ups and downs.

What if you shifted your context so that “consistently” included the down cycles? You’ve certainly had up cycles and down cycles. They are natural. But we think the down cycle is bad, when actually it’s essential.

Today, consider embracing the down cycle as part of the consistently you are looking for, and watch how consistent business really is.

What about you?

Where can you embrace the down-cycle as part of the consistency you want?

Let’s do this.