I lowered the bar… and I raised my game! It’s a paradox.

Okay, This is CRAZY! 554 days ago I decided that I wanted to do 365 days of Yoga in a row.

Up until that point I had been inconsistent. It always felt like a burden or I couldn’t fit it in. I couldn’t get myself to practice regularly.

So I decided to lower the bar so low that I could do it no matter what. I decided that as long as I did it for 8 min (which happened to be how long one of my favorite Deva Premal songs was) it counted.

Then I decided to lower the bar even lower. As long as I laid in Shavasana for 8 min, it counted. It worked!

I could lay there for 8 min no problem! But I rarely ever did just lay there. After a minute or so, I went to boat pose or some other pose and I was off to the races. Most of the time I did more than 8 minutes.

I got 188 days in a row and I missed a day traveling back from NYC!! Ugg! I started over.

Today… The day I renewed my vows with Kristen and started the next phase of our life… I did it! Today was day 365. These photos are me completing right here in our room at the Mayfair Hotel in Darjeeling India.

I am more flexible than ever before. I have muscle definition and strength. It’s amazing. I lowered the bar and raised my game!!

What could you do to lower the bar and raise your game? Where are you making it to hard and therefore you aren’t doing it?