Number 6, six fingers with two hands

I just turned 50. Wow!

If you’ve hit this benchmark, then you know what it’s like to have a ‘that’s it!’ moment.  You suddenly say to yourself  “that’s it… I am doing it!”

For me, that was the moment I decided to come out of the closet and start teaching the Rapid Enlightenment Process.  I’ve been perfecting this process for the past two decades. But it was always very personal and something I shared with a select few. I was the mindset guy. Being the spiritual teacher guy was a big departure and frankly, a business risk. But something happened when I turned 50. I decided to go for it. Just be a spiritual teacher and put my cards on the table.

I love living life. I love having amazing experiences.

For me… developing an enlightened state was the fastest way to live an epic life.

In my experience… If you want it all… if you want peace of mind, prosperity, satisfaction, fun, and play.

Then, enlightenment was the fastest way to optimize that experience.

That’s what having an enlightened perspective is all about. No fear. No doubt. No uncertainty.

Yeah… it’s spiritual. It’s deep. It’s mind-bending. I think we have made it more special than it really is. In the end, enlightenment is just an optimized state of being. It’s nature evolving towards greater states of ease, flow, and enjoyment.

So, what is life like when you have an enlightened perspective?

  1. Your Inner Confidence Is Activated. Go after big goals without needing to prove or justify anything. Take action from an inspired state of mind.
  2. Your Intuition Is An Asset. Discover what life is like using your intuition just like you use your creativity and problem-solving.
  3. Nothing Stops You. Your big goals and dreams start to manifest with very little effort. Former obstacles are irrelevant.
  4. You Can Handle Anything. Navigate negative situations (illness, debt, divorce, loss of loved ones) with grace and a sense of peace.
  5. Your Days Are Interruption Free. Never fail victim to another “ Squirrel!” moment again. Experience a new level of focus and clarity.
  6. You Become Fearless. Worries, doubts, and concerns no longer stop you. Miraculous results become commonplace.

In an enlightened state, you recognize that all fear is an illusion. That is a profoundly optimal state.

In my world, The Rapid Enlightenment Process is the fastest way to get there.

If you want to dive deeper, then check out the first 6 chapters of my unpublished book Quiet Mind Epic Life. Click here to do that now.

Inner confidence. Intuition as an asset. Being unstoppable. Interruption-free days and being fearless. I want this for you!