Stop living in the volatility of your emotions and experience of the quietness of mind.

In this interview, you will hear…
  1. An unpopular spiritual point of view
  2. Feelings and emotions. Are they the same?
  3. The exquisiteness of the Quiet Mind
  4. Are you affected by the world around you, or do you affect it?
  5. The highly spiritual, completely dysfunctional everywhere mindset.
  6. How to be an effective human being with a quiet mind
  7. The 4 things that help us blend the spiritual with the material mindset.
  8. Observing the functions of the drunk monkey (the mind)
  9. Understand and work with the roots of the drunk monkey
  10. Connect with enlightened perspectives
  11. The enlightened framework of Dr. David Hawkins
  12. Muscle testing
  13. Total and complete acceptance of all things, people and even self
  14. Your mind is not your friend
  15. Survival vs thriving
  16. The deliciousness of the divisiveness of the world in which we live