There is no world out there.

Not at least the world you experience.  Yes, there is something out there, but what you are experiencing isn’t it.  What you are experiencing is your opinion, your perception, and your conditioning.  How you relate to the world is what the world is for you.  Two people can be in the exact same situation and have completely different experiences.

Are there atoms, electrons and such out there in the world? Apparently, science is getting a better grasp on that.  But it takes multimillion dollar machines to see what is really going on in the world.  So the actual reality is not something humans have day-to-day access to.  You and I have access to the information our senses bring into our consciousness.

Why is this relevant?

Your husband isn’t really a jerk.  That’s just your opinion.  Not the truth.

The president isn’t actually doing anything you say he is.  That’s just your perception of the situation.

The world isn’t all screwed up.  That’s just the way you see it.

There is nothing to fear.  That’s just a biological reaction to the stimulus in the environment.  Other people aren’t afraid of the same things you are.  Therefore you fear is not real or the truth.

Today see the world for what it really is, just your opinion.  Notice how much more relaxed and enjoyable life is.