What you had envisioned success to be, isn’t at all what success actually is.  Success is like standing in a hammock on one leg juggling twelve balls.  Now that you’ve accomplished this incredible feet, it takes a lot to keep it going.

People who are already successful once believed that success would bring happiness.  Happiness in the form of acknowledgment, appreciation, victory, money, power, self-esteem etc.  Now that you are successful and have received the accolades, you realize, it doesn’t make you happy.

In fact, success often brings even more negativity into your life.  More people want something from you and demand your time.  You have more responsibilities and accountabilities.  To be successful often means you have created something that needs to be protected.  Even worst, you may be among the many successful people who face the disastrous notion that what you have created isn’t even something you want.

To create happiness in your life takes a different set of success tools.  The target is different.  It’s not longer material success or accomplishment.  The new target is emotional success.  This is the next domain of success.  Once you realize that success does not make you happy, you suddenly find yourself on the journey.

Nothing outside of you will bring happiness.  Nothing out in the world will ever make you happy.  Happiness is both an art and a skill.  Your mind, which I lovingly call, The Drunk Monkey is not designed for happiness.  In fact, I’ll leave you with this thought, “Anything other then happiness and peace is just a state of mind.”