There are two things I do to end each year. The first is to reflect on the things I am grateful for this year, the second is to dream about things I want to experience in the coming year.

This is where writing a Prophecy Letter comes in. The cool thing about writing a Prophecy Letter is the extreme amount of freedom and fun it provides. But first, you have to get out of the past, stop trying to fix yourself, stop fretting over what you are going to do to have more success and happiness. In order to write your letter from a free state, it’s essential that you stop looking at what didn’t work this year and start prophesizing about your future when your mind is quiet.

Here’s why: When you write your Prophecy Letter, you will write a letter as though you have achieved everything you wanted to achieve, at the end of next year.

To really get what I am talking about, I want you to understand that your mind, which I lovingly call The Drunk Monkey, is not an effective tool for achieving your goals and dreams. Your mind’s job is to keep you alive and one of the tools it uses to keep you safe is to prophesize about negative futures and then try to avoid them.

Hello! This is a problem. You get what you focus on. If you allow The Drunk Monkey to focus on negative futures and try to avoid them, it actually attracts them straight to you.

So what’s the solution? Create your own one-year Prophecy Letter. Write a letter as if it is one year from now. Look back over the last year, and describe how amazing your life has been. Write the letter in the present tense.

Write about everything and everyone that is important to you:

  1. Relationships & People
  2. Spirituality & Intuition
  3. Courage & Risk-Taking
  4. Creativity & Innovation
  5. Business & Profession
  6. Moneymaking & Cashflow
  7. Investing & Wealth Creation
  8. Travel & Recreation
  9. Body & Well-Being

For a little inspiration, here are some ways my clients have started their letters over the years…

I want to start this letter by recognizing this was the year I truly allowed myself to feel free.”

“This year has been the most extraordinary experience in my life thus far.  My entire view of what is possible has been completely transformed after experiencing the immense growth personally, professionally, financially, spiritually, and physically.”

“I can’t believe what a great year it has been.  It’s New Year’s Eve! I am sitting on the deck of my mountain vacation home taking in the beautiful vistas and views.”

Now it’s your turn to stand in your shoes one year from now, and describe what you are experiencing in the present tense. It may seem a little weird at first, and I promise the more you practice this level of focus and intention, and faster you will experience some version of the things you desire.

So, write your Prophecy Letter today! Write it right now! Don’t hesitate. Your letter doesn’t have to be long. It can be two paragraphs. As long as you start thinking as though you were already in the future you wish to create.