If you want to be happier, more fulfilled and satisfied in life, then you need to stop holding people accountable to agreements they’ve never made. You know, you were raised by a group of people who basically conditioned into you. You were domesticated to believe that you should walk like this, move like that, talk like this, be like that, think these thoughts, see the world in this way, but you never chose the way that you are.

You never chose it. And because you never chose it, it isn’t necessarily the truth for you. And yet, you get mad when people don’t see the world the way that you see it. You get upset when people don’t behave the way that you think they should behave, like you’re the all-knowing, all-seeing being of the world, like we should all bow down to your infinite wisdom.

Give that up. The truth is you have no idea how the world is supposed to be, and yet, you’re holding people accountable to agreements that they never made. And the only person who suffers is you.