To achieve and maintain enlightened states of consciousness, you must be able to identify what degrades your enlightened state and then reorient your life to eliminate or mitigate it.

Conversely, you must identify and embrace enlightened perspectives so that they influence your daily experience, cause your mind to go quiet and help you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with infinite variety. That is a tall order, my friend.

A teacher will help. Meditation can help. But I’ve found that muscle testing accelerates the entire process, creating what I call Rapid Enlightenment.

I use to believe that enlightenment was rare. Then I met Dr. David Hawkins and began using muscle testing to identify and release blocks to my own enlightenment. The results were otherworldly. Over the past few decades, I’ve developed The Rapid Enlightenment Process to help my students achieve profound states of oneness consciousness and leapfrog the traditionally slow process of achieving enlightenment.

Muscle testing (sometimes called Applied Kinesiology) is very simple. You stick your arm out, say a word or phrase, and someone pushes down on your wrist to see if the arm stays strong or goes weak. It’s not rocket science.

With proper training and practice, muscle testing provides you with a feedback tool that helps you to discern what strengthens you and what weakens you. It’s pretty simple in concept but a lot more difficult to implement than you would expect.

Over the last few decades, I have realized (and then proven) that adopting ideas, statements, and perspectives that strengthen your arm will cause a near-spontaneous enlightenment. The degree to which one is experiencing enlightened states of consciousness can then be verified using muscle testing process. This becomes a feedback loop that creates an upward spiral of enlightenment.

Here’s The Back-channel on Muscle Testing

Your words, thoughts, and perspectives affect physical reality (in this case, the muscles of your arm). There is plenty of scientific data on the subject of consciousness and its effect on physical reality. If you are nerdy and curious like I am, check out two books which review the last 100 years of data on the subject: Entangled Minds by Dean Radin and The Field by Lynn McTaggart.

But the truth is, you must make the connection that your thoughts impact reality at the level of your being, not at the level of your intellect. The muscle testing is very helpful in making that connection. Science can help you make sense of the world and even validate your enlightened perspectives. Unfortunately, the scientific evidence won’t cause you to enlighten. Enlightenment doesn’t happen through the mind. It happens by transcending the mind. You must recognize that the mind is not experiencing actual reality.

A great experiment you can do for yourself is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Rice Experiment. Kristen, the kids and I mentally focused a thought of love into one jar and hate into another every day for about six weeks. The photo to the right is the result. We’ve done this experiment several times and get similar results each time. This is a great way to help get your mind on board with muscle testing.

The Rice Experiment created by Dr. Emoto: Above is our replica of Dr. Emoto’s Rice Experiment. While our Love rice certainly began to decompose, the Hate rice rotted the fastest.

Probably the best way to get on board with using muscle testing is to check in with your intuition. You know the impact of your words. What happens if you say, “I love you,” to your child on a regular basis? Intuitively, you know that it would have a positive impact on your child’s well being. They are strengthened by your words.

What would happen if you said, “I hate you,” to your child on a regular basis? Intuitively, you know that it would have a negative impact on their well being. Your words would weaken the child.

Muscle testing helps you to see this effect in real time. Just put your arm out. If your testing is working correctly, when you say, “I love you,” and then have someone press down on your arm. It will be strong.

Put your arm out again. If your testing is working effectively, say, “I hate you,” and then have someone push down on your arm. It will start to weaken.

You are experiencing muscle testing every day. It happens in real time throughout our lives. For example, you may meet someone new and get a weird feeling about them. That’s the body going weak. You may meet someone else and you feel like time stands still, making you uplifted and joyous. That’s the body going strong.

We get weakened and strengthened all the time. If you feel limited by your circumstances, if affects your mood and your behavior.  Feeling limited causes the body to activate survival consciousness and either retreat or fight back. Both states will weaken your arm with muscle testing.

Muscle testing is not science.

At least, not the way I do it. If you are diligent and you set up very specific replicable conditions, you can be scientific with muscle testing and replicate your findings with just about anyone. I’ve done it, and many students have done it too.

The truth is, trying to be scientific about muscle testing was a distraction. My pet science project, “Prove that muscle testing works,” was not leading me to enlightenment. It was The Drunk Monkey’s way of distracting me from the real prize. My need to prove the validity of the process was born out of my fears, which were the very things I was trying to transcend.

Eventually, I was free enough to discern that the entire process of substantiating muscle testing was weakening me.

In the end, I abandoned my need for other people to substantiate what was creating undeniable awakened states for my students and myself. The proof was in the lives that my students were living after very limited exposure to The Rapid Enlightenment Process.

Let me restate my position on this. Muscle Testing is not scientific. It’s an intuitive art. I do not use muscle testing to try and diagnose, cure, or heal the body. And neither should you. I don’t use muscle testing to try to survive. I use testing to thrive. I call that Enlightened Prosperity.

The Rapid Enlightenment Process uses muscle testing to punctuate concepts and ideas that cause people to spontaneously enlighten. That’s the game I’m playing. I leave the curing and healing of the body to others.

Strength vs. Weakness (That’s It, Folks)
Muscle testing tells you what makes you strong and what makes you weak. That’s it. Any additional meaning that you add to it, is just your mind trying to make muscle testing into something more or less than it is. You either go strong or weak, that’s it. It’s not special or mystical.

Dr. Hawkins explored this paradigm in his book named Power vs. Force. That was my introduction to muscle testing back in 1999. Over the last 19 years, I have been able to corroborate his findings, and they have become the basis of The Rapid Enlightenment Process.

Power vs. Force
After doing hundreds of thousands of muscle tests, I have come to a very practical perspective about the concepts Dr. Hawkins put forth in his books. The stronger you are, the more power you have. The weaker you are, the more force you must use. Power is distinct from force. When you are strong with muscle testing, you are accessing power which is extremely efficient and effective.

When you are weakened by something, you must use force to compensate. Force uses more energy. Power is more efficient. Force puts you into a survival context. Power puts you into a thriving context. Thriving is the basis of enlightenment.

Power is effortless. When you experience power it creates a sense of well being. Well being is characterized by feelings of peace, joy, and ease. These are also the experiences of being enlightened. Power naturally creates confidence, bolsters your creativity and invigorates your courage. This is an optimal state. When you are empowered, you are open-minded and naturally interested in doing more, having more and expanding the good in your life.

Ultimately, physical power creates the conditions for enlightened consciousness to permeate your perspective. 

Force creates counterforce. When you feel weak, you must compensate with survival consciousness which uses adrenaline, cunning, aggressiveness, frustration, apathy or fear. When you are weak, force is activated and you naturally feel at a disadvantage. You feel vulnerable. Your perceptual filters create false urgency and mobilize a stress response to fend off anything negative. This is a suboptimal state that limits your personal power, creative expression and makes enlightenment not possible.

Circa 2006, Prosperity Through Meditation Retreat: Above are Steven Sadleir (left) and Dr. David R. Hawkins at a meditation retreat I hosted in Sedona, AZ. Doc Hawk presented his groundbreaking work, the Calibrated Levels of Consciousness found in his book Power vs. Force.

No Crystal Balls

Muscle testing is not predictive. It doesn’t tell you the future. It doesn’t tell you the truth. It tells you what is strengthening or weakening… that’s it.

The natural inclination of the beginner is to try and use muscle testing to predict the future. I’ve certainly tried it over and over in the beginning. But, like everyone else, you find out that muscle testing only tells you what ideas, concepts, etc. make you go strong or weak. So, when you try to test if something is “going to happen,” you are actually testing your relationship to the idea, not whether or not it will happen.

For nearly two decades I’ve been studying the effects of adopting ideas and mental frameworks that strengthen the body. The result is feeling of oneness and unity with all things which we call enlightenment.

My Muscle Testing Assumptions
Because I’m not a scientist, I do what YOU do. I make up probable causes and assign meaning to things. The difference is that I test whether my made-up stories strengthen or weaken me. That doesn’t make my made-up stories correct, right or valid. It just means that I am physically strengthened by the stories that I tell myself. I have found that the stronger I am, the more profound my state of oneness, peace, and certainty.

Like you, I think about my experience of the world. I experiment with things. I test my assumptions with muscle testing. I log my results. I keep pushing to find the most probable path to achieving my desired results.

The following assumptions are the result of nearly two decades of experimenting with muscle testing to create the experience I call Enlightened Prosperity.

Quantum Physics for Kindergartners
Let’s start with my interpretation of quantum physics and how it helps me make sense of muscle testing. I know this probably won’t sound too professional to you, so bear with me. This is the kindergarten version of quantum physics and 100% my interpretation. I’m not a scientist, so please don’t hold me to that standard.

Your muscles are made of cells. Cells are made of atoms which are fluctuations of energy physicists call electrons, neutrons, and protons.

These particles exist in a state of superposition. Basically, they are everywhere and nowhere until you observe them. They exist in some kind of background quantum field of energy and information. It appears that all matter resides within or is an expression of that background quantum field of energy and information.

I hypothesize that a strong muscle test is the result of the quantum field expressing itself with greater complexity and integrity. I assume that a strong muscle is an expression of the quantum particles organizing themselves more efficiently, and thus, with more strength.

A weak muscle represents the quantum field being degraded and expressing itself with less complexity and integrity. One could then infer that some statements cause the energy and information that creates your cells to malfunction.

Some statements and ideas cause the quantum field to function and others cause it to malfunction. Some statements fortify your body system and others degrade your functionality. When the body is fortified, the mind goes quiet and the profound reality called enlightenment appears.

Your Body Doesn’t Care About Your Beliefs
The most fascinating part of the process for me has been the conclusion that the quantum field of energy and information doesn’t care about what you believe. You can vehemently believe that death is the ending of your existence and your muscle will be strengthened by the statement that you are an infinite being.

Every person I have ever muscle tested is strengthened by the statement that they are an infinite being. 

When exposed to a stimulus, the energy and information that create the cells in your muscles will function or malfunction independently of what you believe is true or real. Your opinion doesn’t matter to your muscles or your body.

Ideas, concepts, and stimuli will disrupt the body and cause you to malfunction, meaning your arm will go weak…even if you believe that the stimuli are positive for you. For example; the statement that God can be offended goes weak on every one I’ve ever tested. Christians, Muslims and Jews all “believe” that God can be offended and yet, that statement goes weak even when they believe it to be true.

Using muscle testing, you can pierce through dogma, egotistical perspectives, your opinion, your culture and your faith to discover what is strengthening and weakening to your body. Your muscle will go weak or strong no matter how strongly you believe something to be true or false.

Survival-Consciousness Renders Muscle Testing Useless

Your opinion can influence the testing method. Because your opinion can put you into a survival state. If you become fearful, the testing stops working in a predictable manner and you will begin to get false positives and false negatives. Muscle testing takes practice. You have to learn to be completely neutral and curious rather than opinionated and protective of your personal dogma.

To be able to test effectively, you must recognize that your opinions are rooted in arrogance and fear. Opinions are a survival tactic. Fear causes the muscle testing to stop working.

Using The Rapid Enlightenment Process, a practitioner or I will expose you to ideas that confront fundamental beliefs you have about your existence, life, people, God, and religion. These statements predictably cause people to get upset and/or create a subconsciously protective state.

Confronting your beliefs can cause the body to go into a fight or flight state, and testing does not work predictably when the body is in that state.

If you have an opportunity to have The Rapid Enlightenment Process done to you personally, then you will discover that my students and I consistently test three points on the body and repeat one phrase to help us detect if the body is capable of getting a predictable response.

On a side note: Some foods or substances will test differently on different people, whereas, thoughts, ideas, words, images, and situations generally read the same on everyone as long as the body is prepared for muscle testing and not in a fight or flight state.

Why Your Muscle Testing Probably Won’t Work

Please remember that there is a nuance to the muscle testing process. It’s an intuitive art, not a science. Everyone’s body is different, and therefore, it takes practice to create the predictable response.

I wish you could test “I love you” and “I hate you” right now. Unfortunately, it takes training and a lot of it. The body needs some preparation to get the testing to become predictable.

Testing without the proper training will be frustrating, to say the least. Nothing will test predictably. When most people attempt to do muscle testing, they get all strong or all weak. The get false positives and false negatives regularly.

Like any intuitive art, you need a teacher and you need to practice. The good news is, it’s like riding a bike. Once you get it, you’ve got it for life.

Not True or False
My mentor, Dr. Hawkins, was fascinated with the idea that a strong test meant that it was a true statement and a weak test meant that it was false. I have not found this to be an effective context when seeking greater states of enlightenment. Truth and falsehood are in the realms of right/wrong and good/bad. These are judgments and points of view.

When you are seeking enlightenment, you are seeking the ultimate state of efficient living. That means you must transcend rules, ideas, concepts and beliefs that create survival energy.

The fastest path to achieving and maintaining enlightened states is the adoption of a context that makes you strong and the release of the context that makes you weak. Strong and weak. Don’t make it mean anything more than that.