I’ve known Roger since I was 14.

He’s the one who asked me to be the lead singer for The Long March, a post-punk electronic band in the early ’80s.

Together Roger and I wrote music, played in bands, even got signed to a record label. The song we wrote for Markus Schulz hit #29 on the Billboard Dance Club Play chart.

Our history as musical collaborators is littered with some pretty wild stories.

About a year ago, I told Roger I wanted to write another charting song – just for the fun of it.

His response “A 47-year-old guy can’t do that.”

Ha! I thought to myself. Game on.

And that was that. I’d set my intention and I let it go. (This is a vital part of my proven 8 Step Manifesting Process you can find here.)

Fast forward to last Monday.

Breathing Again” was released by Coldharbour Recordings artist Dave Neven featuring Nuttalya.

This song was a writing collaboration between myself, Markus Schulz, Nuttalya, Mike Targanski and Kristen Marie Ferry.

In the coming days, I will share how this all came together. Today, I wanted to inspire you with what a 47-year-old guy can do when he sets his intention!

Click here to watch the YouTube video. That’s Nuttalya with the red hair, in Miami where they shot the video.

(BTW, Roger’s response to my announcement was totally normal. We all have a set of unexamined beliefs we follow that I call “Illogical Rules.” To discover what they are all about, and how they impact your results, read “Are Illogical Rules Running Your Life?”)