Ah, dream boards. The shining example of “your thoughts become things” and “visualize and it will happen.” 

These are great ideas to adopt. But they don’t tell the whole story. And often they do more damage than good.

Look, I love to visualize, and I believe that what we focus on expands.

But when it comes to dream boards, it’s like opening Pandora’s box. What comes flying out may not be what you expect.

Here’s why. While on one hand the mind is inspired by the idea of a new car, the perfect relationship and that amazing house on the hill, on the other hand, the mind secretly doubts and worries.

Let’s be honest. The day you create the dream board is exciting. It’s creative. It’s challenging. And it’s rewarding.

Here you are, taking time for you. Thinking, dreaming and imagining how you really want your life to be. That takes time and effort to figure out! 

So, I love it when my clients have the courage to declare “I want ____________”

Here’s the thing. Most often the inspiration is short lived.

No one tells you the hour you are inspired while designing your dream board turns into the year you are in misery every time you look at your creation.

How is this possible?

Simple. Creating a dream board activates The Drunk Monkey, my nickname for the mind.

You see, The Drunk Monkey will play nice while you find images of your favorite car and perfect vacation. Then when the glue dries, its tactics change.

Suddenly you look at your completed dream board and your mind begins talking to you.

The Drunk Monkey starts to whisper “How are you ever going to afford that?” “You’ve been wanting to vacation there for years, and have never made it. Why do you think you can do it now?” “Your family will think that car is too extravagant and will be jealous. Don’t do it.”

If you haven’t noticed, the mind tends to spend its time protecting you from getting hurt. In this case, it’s trying to protect you from being disappointed, sad or the subject of ridicule.

The Drunk Monkey is designed to keep your life small. Risk less. Don’t fail.

The problem is easy to see. It’s harder to resolve.

Unfortunately, your dream board becomes this beacon for what you don’t have. For what you haven’t accomplished. For the things that are still out of your reach.

And that’s the real issue.

Without even realizing it, The Drunk Monkey looks at your dream board and causes you to feel miserable as you slowly realize that another year has gone by, and you’ve missed the mark on your dreams… again.

This fuels The Drunk Monkey’s unfounded confidence. “See, I was right. Stop aiming so high. I am here to keep you safe from being disappointed. I am here to make sure you don’t make your family uncomfortable. I am here to shield you from the jealousy of others.”

So you stayed trapped. Dreamboards are incredible reminders of your big goals and dreams… while at the same time serving as a billboard for your failures.

With The Drunk Monkey, you just can’t win.

The solution? You must transcend the mind. You must see it for what it is, and eliminate its influence on your desire to live a bigger life.

I call this state Quiet Mind. In the coming months, I will be sharing more and more about the techniques I use to create and maintain a Quiet Mind.

Until then, the more you learn to spot The Drunk Monkey in action, the more power you have to remove its grip on your life.

And, eventually, have your dream board become your life.

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