Over the past few years, Kristen and I have been working diligently to train our kids on how to prosper in the world once they are on their own. One of our new initiatives is to pay our kids to read books, articles, listen to podcasts and watch TED talks that inspire entrepreneurship, personal development, and financial intelligence. We instituted this new “Get Paid To Learn” program in September and it’s already working great. 

In order to earn $$$, the kids have to present five key takeaways and summarize how what they read or watched impacts their lives. Last week, my 16-year-old made his first presentation on Robert Kiyosaki’s article: Three Reasons Why Becoming an Entrepreneur is Hard…and One Reason Why It’s Imperative. (Robert Kiyosaki is the author of many books including Rich Kid Smart Kid.)

Below are his mindblowing insights.

5 takeaways:

  1. Being an employee simply isn’t a good idea anymore, even worse is studying to become an employee at this particular time. The reason for this is that we are about to go through an AI revolution.
  2. 47% of jobs both white-collar and blue-collar will be automated in this coming revolution which is why it’s such a bad idea to be an employee.
  3. Most people assume that they will be safe from this AI automation revolution, they’re wrong!
  4. Being aware of the revolution allows you to take advantage of it or at least lessen its effect on your livelihood. If you can recognize the revolution and the opportunities that come from it such as starting a self-driving truck company you’ll do well. Another route is seeing which professions cannot be automated out and studying to go into those fields
  5. My final takeaway after reading this is that changing your mindset from the E and S quadrants to the B and I quadrants is hard!

Life applications: 

First of all, as I mentioned knowing that this revolution is coming gives me a major advantage that I can choose to use or not. Also, knowing that changing your mindset is hard allows me to start learning to be in the B and I mindset right now so I never have to deal with that difficulty. 

Finally, after reading this article I am not going to give up when I fail as I know that failure is the best teacher and that until I’ve failed I’ll never succeed.

As you can imagine, I am grinning ear to ear listening to this young man’s reaction to what he’s read. For me, helping my kids have an epic life is about exposing them to new ideas and letting them decide how they want to apply them in life.

I hope this inspired you too.

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 Shout out to Bill Twyfold and Dwan Bent-Twyford of The Investor’s Edge University for giving us this awesome “Get Paid To Learn” idea! You guys rock our world. https://investorsedgeuniversity.com/