More people are becoming enlightened beings than ever before. Yet, there is so much dogma about being enlightened. Most people are not making the assent because their belief systems say, “It’s not possible”.
Here are 6 reasons I see that more people are achieving enlightenment now… more than ever before.

1. We are ready.

Our safety is secured. We have the food we need. Our lives are our own. We are no longer slaves to survival.
Enlightenment is a thriving state. Now that we have evolved to place where our basic needs are met, the platform for thriving is upon us.
It is becoming more and more evident that fear, anger, greed, grudges, and victim mindsets are just old survival consciousness no longer serving us.
Not everyone is there… but hundreds of millions of people are arriving at these conclusions all over the planet.

2. Consciousness is evolving.

Kindness is commonplace. 500 years ago you would simply kill someone you didn’t like. Hate was normal and kindness was thought to be a weakness.
Today the common thing to do is work through your emotions and make peace with people’s differences. Therapy and self-help are completely accepted in our society. The 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous has begun to permeate our culture and people are transcending outdated survival programs.
A first-grade kid naturally behaves the way that Jesus and Buddha promoted. When those guys were alive, their ideas were scandalous. Today you can find their ideas in a fortune cookie or the underlying message in a commercial for selling a product on TV.

3. More people are in a “loving state of being” than ever before.

Using Dr. David Hawkins scale of consciousness we (my team of muscle testers and I) can verify that over 350,000,000 people calibrate at 500 or above on the scale.
Meaning they experience love as their natural state of being. The next step few steps in consciousness evolution are leading this group to enlightenment.
More and more corporations are using love, kindness, unity, and acceptance as a benefit to using their products and services.

4. Mindfulness and meditation have become mainstream.

These tried and true techniques were reserved for the enlightened initiate in the past. Today, as a species, more of us are seeking to improve our inner qualities. Very large groups of people have realized that it is more efficient and effective to be at peace than to be stressed. Peace is a quality of enlightenment.
It has become common knowledge that acquiring more stuff and changing our environment will not lead to more happiness. The essential quality of enlightenment is happiness. Millions and millions of people are pushing to achieve this quality.

5. Religious affiliation is diminishing planet-wide.

Science is helping us to see through the dogma and access a scientifically validated truth. As our basic needs are met, we stop looking outside ourselves for having a great life and we start taking personal responsibility. We are becoming empowered.
As a person takes responsibility for their own happiness and well-being, they tend to leave organized religion behind. This creates an openness to ideas that will accelerate their enlightenment.
If you are reading this, it’s probably evident that no one is getting enlightened following the majority of religious practices. If you talk to a person who is experiencing a oneness state, the will tell you that you basically have to go rogue.
It’s shocking how vehemently some of the Buddhist will defend the dogma that enlightenment can only be attained by following “their” process.
Religion is exclusive while enlightenment is inclusive. There aren’t rules that lead to knowing oneness. The enlightened person recognizes that there are only qualities of perspective that create the enlightened state, not processes or procedures.

6. Modern science is substantiating what the mystics have intuitively known about humanity.

Quantum Physics has essentially proven that we are energy and information. We are all one thing (a quantum field of energy and information) expressing itself with infinite variety. You are a unique configuration of energy and information. But we are all that same energy and information. We are not separate. We are whirling puffs of energy in a state of superposition. Literally everywhere and nowhere at the exact same time.
The skeptical scientific mind has been an essential component in the awakening of humanity and preparing it for widespread enlightenment.
When you know that you are the quantum field and everyone and everything is the quantum field, you release all resistance, you see yourself multidimensionally and are overwhelmed by the feelings of unity and oneness. You are essentially enlightened.
The stage is set for millions of people to enter into enlightened states. Let’s do this!!