Over the last few years, it has become more evident to me that enlightenment is just consciousness seeking higher and higher states of order and efficiency. Isn’t that what peace really is?

Enlightenment is just a very high level of awareness and acceptance of what you are aware of.

At very high levels of awareness, you realize that we are all one thing. We are all connected. This creates the impulse to treat everything with care since you are everything and everything is you.

You can see the interrelatedness. You can see that we are entangled in the background field of energy and information.

Normal people don’t see that when I treat you poorly, it negatively impacts me. They don’t see the interconnected nature of things. So, they create chaos and unworkability in their attempts to make their lives better at the expense of others.

At these high levels of consciousness, you naturally create order and integrity because you crave peace of mind.

Anything that isn’t working you are pulled to get it working. Anything that is stuck, you are pulled to help it get unstuck. When things are chaotic, you step away from it.

You desire order because you want to feel at ease; peaceful, blissful, or joyous. Those states are not possible in disorder and chaos.

When order, integrity, and structure are present, it’s easy to have a quiet mind. When chaos is present, it’s more challenging. Higher states of consciousness are really higher states of order and efficiency.

The world is not an orderly, quiet, workable place. It’s messy. Most people are in a survival state and therefore unconcerned with order, integrity, beauty, or efficiency.

This is why it is necessary to develop your spiritual skill sets. Acceptance, appreciation, honoring, flexibility, and kindness are critical skills for people like you and me.

Those skills are really necessary when things are out of integrity. The old masters use to have to leave the village and live in the monastery in order to create the simplicity, efficiency, and order they were drawn to.

You are reading this on your electronic device. That tells me that you are like me… you are not choosing to renunciate and leave the world behind. Yet, you want peace, flow, and ease, right?

So the options we have are…

1. Create order, integrity, efficiency in our body, our minds, relationships and our environment. Work to restore integrity, workability, and effectiveness. Most of the time you have to disrupt the status quo to make this happen.

Initially, it feels destructive to restore workability to the unworkable. But in the end, destruction gives way to creation and order is restored. Therefore peace is achieved.

2. Use our skills to accept, appreciate and honor the chaos we interact with. The workability of the world is not our responsibility.

In the end, you care about peace but most people don’t. Therefore, practicing the skill set of flexibility is a critical part of our high conscious journey.

What are you committed to working on these days?