Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction mindset has the power to change your life.  But not if you are making these mistakes.  Shifting your mindset to utilize the perspective The Law of Attraction gives you helps you accomplish goals rapidly.  The experience is magical.  It feels like what you want just falls in your lap.  It feels effortless.  Unfortunately, it’s not easy to shift your mindset and get the Law of Attraction working in your favor.

Over the years, I’ve assisted thousands of people in adopting a mindset that utilizes the full power of The Law of Attraction.  One of the first steps on that journey is having an awareness of what isn’t working.  This enables you to let it go of what doesn’t work and do something different.  Awareness is the first step.  That’s the objective of this article.  There are 7 mistakes that people make when using The Law of Attraction.  If you can see them, then you can change your approach and get more fire power from The of Attraction in your goal achievement process.

Mistake #1 – Not being clear about what you want and why you want it.

Most people say, “That’s not a problem for me Matthew… I know exactly what I want!  

  • I want more money
  • I want to be fit, thin and sexy
  • I want a new mate
  • I want a new job
  • I want a new car, a new house
  • I want to pay off all my debt

Yet, most people who say that to me are some version of fatter than they want to be, still a bit lonely, have more debt than they want and often times broke!  Unfortunately you don’t get what you want, you get what you are.  It’s really easy to see what you are committed to, just look at what you got.  

The key is to understand why you want what you want.  Most of the time, it’s because you think you are broken and you need to be fixed.  If you are trying to fix your broken life, then you are focused on what’s wrong and you get more of that.  Sorry.  You get what you focus on.  What you focus on is your “state of being” or your essential nature.

Mistake #2 – You abandon your current situation to go after your new goal.

This is a fatal mistake because where you are is the perfect place to get what you want.  The people and circumstances of your life are the jumping point for what’s next.  Where you are, right now, contains the seeds necessary for your new goal to come true.  What you want is coming.  What you want, wants into your life.  But you must relax and enjoy where you are in order to attract what’s next.

Mistake #3 – You don’t tell anyone what your goals are for fear of being rejected.

The power to achieve your goals stems from the relationships you have in your life.  You can only do what the people around you expect.  You must get the important people up to date on what you are trying to accomplish.  Some might oppose it.  No big deal.  But most will just update their perspective about what you are all about.  That’s when the magic happens.  People will suddenly relate to you like you are doing this new thing.  Their expectations have them relate to you differently… And that causes them to naturally begin sending you the necessary information, people, opportunities and resources.

Mistake #4 – Your fear of not getting what you want becomes selfishness.

You kill your attraction power by worrying about yourself. If you focus is on solving your problems, you will accidentally speak in a self absorbed fashion.  Have you ever been around someone who was self absorbed?  Not attractive, right?  You must examine your attachments and release them.  Let go of the fearful visions of your goal not happening.  Practice giving The Gift and being a contribution and things will come to you much faster.

Mistake #5 – You become attached to getting the result and start freaking out.

You must learn to trust that all is well.  That what you want is coming.  You must practice knowing that things take as long as they take. You can only affect change by so much. You are in charge of the action, but the universe is in charge of the result and time frame.  When you get attached to the outcome, you accidentally believe that you are God and that you “should” be able to move the needle more than you are.  Of course, that’s not true.  You can do everything in your power to make stuff happen and it can still not happen.  It doesn’t mean that it isn’t.  Just means that you need more time, resources, creativity, or maybe a different perspective.  If you start freaking out and pushing and forcing, you will just make it worse.  You will slow it down more because your internal resources for intuition, creativity and reason will be diminished by your negative emotions.

Take some time today and notice where you are limiting your goal setting and law of attraction process with these 5 mistakes.  Love to hear your perspective in the comments  below.