You ever feel dominated by your life?

Business. Family. Friends.

The house you bought. The car you drive. The stuff you own.

Did anyone ever tell you it takes a tremendous amount of time and money to maintain it all?

I doubt it.

Ever wish things were just easier?

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who is struggling.

Last week he drove to the office and couldn’t get out of the car.

The business he loves has become the thing that he avoids.

Deep down he feels like he “isn’t there yet,” that he isn’t “successful.”

He’s convinced that once he hits X dollars in sales, he will prove he can do it and he can take his foot off the gas.

Until then, he’s trying to make peace with feeling like crap and forcing himself to do things he hates.

It’s personal domination at the highest level.

He’s built a trap out of unexamined, illogical rules that arbitrarily define how he’s supposed to live.

And it’s sucking the life out of him.

What about you?

Are you energized, motivated, and feeling unstoppable. Or are you putting up with things that don’t bring you joy?

Is your life filled with should’s, have to’s and must’s?

If so, here’s a technique I developed to counteract the impact of “domination nation.”

I call it lowering the bar.

In a few, simple steps you can reclaim your time and your mindshare to ensure you are doing the things that make your life good.

The days of blindly following an outdated set of rules about work, family, and friends are over.

Right now, in this moment you can transform your “shoulds, have to’s and musts” into “would-like-to, and that would be fun.”

You simply have to lower the bar and reset your expectations.

Let me show you how, here.