As you go through your day, expect miracles.  But don’t just expect them.  Declare them!  When something happens that surprises you, declare it a miracle.

Remember, you are making this life up as you go.  Do you want to play by the boring, tedious, demanding, depressing, conflicting rules that were passed down generation after generation by people who didn’t have the ability to produce magic like you do?  Or would you like to live the life you always knew was possible as a kid?

You know inside you that the moment you do expect miracles, it will change the direction of your life forever.  The universe will start throwing the right people, places, experiences, deals, and situations your way so fast it will make your head spin.  Your biggest problem with this book is going to be handling the speed at which you are able to produce results.

Expect the right people to show up, then don’t be surprised when they do.  Just thank the universe for sending you what you asked for.  Expect people to buy.  Don’t be surprised when they do.  Just say, “Thank you, universe, for managing all this for me so I can keep living a happy-go-lucky life.”

When you encounter a new person or situation, think to yourself, “What has the universe lined up for me today?  How is this situation perfect to be in?”