Did you know enlightenment makes you unstoppable and fearless?

Being in an unstoppable, fearless state is a surefire way to accomplish the goals and dreams most important to you.

You know what I am talking about.

When you are unstoppable, nothing gets in your way. You are in action. You are a problem solver. You don’t get discouraged. You find a way to make things happen. And, if we are being honest, there is a flow that happens when you are choosing to be unstoppable.

But, let’s be honest. Things get really interesting when you are unstoppable AND fearless.

Fearlessness is like pouring gas on a campfire. You are in the unstoppable flow, and nothing slows you down. Resistance is gone. Worry? Non-existent. Concerns? Zippo.

Here are 16 signs that indicate you are going into an unstoppable, fearless state. Can you relate?

  1. You progressively stop avoiding people who use to bother you.
  2. Other people’s opinions of you seem less relevant then they did before.
  3. You start to see that your attachments are exaggerated fears of losing imaginary benefits.
  4. You are more open to looking the worst case scenario in the eye and dealing with it sensibly.
  5. Negative people seem less irritating
  6. You have the progressive realization that negativity is the resistance you have. That the world isn’t anything until you call it something.
  7. You are more willing to experience situations that you were negative or painful in the past.
  8. Fear gets replaced by curiosity
  9. You spend your time thinking about effective moving forward
  10. You start playing offense in your life and you stop playing defense
  11. You find yourself less focused on making sure everything stays the same
  12. You begin to be less rigid about how everything is supposed to be.
  13. You are more flexible and easy going.
  14. You are noticing that there is a trust that all is well and everything is getting better.
  15. You begin to believe that everything is going your way even when it doesn’t appear to be in the moment.
  16. You start to see that you have never been a victim and you have always been the creator of your own experience.

You just read a list of the phenomenon found on the path to enlightenment. If you would like to discover what life is like being in an unstoppable, fearless state, then I encourage you to start living with what I call Enlightened Perspectives. Applying Enlightened Perspectives to your business and your personal life gets you on the path to enlightenment – which I highly recommend.

Sound interesting?

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