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Don’t freak out when your goals feel stuck.

Goal setting is tricky.  Sometimes your goals feel stuck.  Instead of freaking out, relax and keep doing what you are doing.  Sometimes your goals feel stalled but most often, they are just manifesting in the background.  The tendency is to get in action and try to make something happen.  But, there is no need to change things up until the perfect opportunity presents itself.  Just relax and the energy will start moving again.

In other words… Don’t push or force it.

Everyone I’ve ever worked with, gets stuck when they freak out and start pushing.  You push because you get scared that your goal is not coming.  Unfortunately, when you assume it’s not coming and you start getting scared, you can accidently change your actions to make sure it doesn’t.

“The law of attraction tells us that you get what you focus on.”

When goal doesn’t feel like it’s happening, it makes you frustrated and you push more.  Pushing can start to make your life feel miserable.  Life starts to feel like an uphill battle.  Suddenly… You lose faith, which feels really bad.  It can lead to a real low point, some anxiety and sometimes even anger.

The Drunk Monkey might shout at you, “Why Me!!  How come my dreams don’t come true!!”

Try This Instead:

Goal setting is a dance with world of reality and dreams.  Give up forcing your goals to happen and just focus on what you appreciate & what you are grateful for today.  It will bring you back into balance.  You will get more energy.

This is more about the perspective you have rather than the actions.  Just stay in the flow, trusting that all is well…Trusting that everything you want is coming to you.  Not because you actually know that it is.  But because, very simply, everything you have in your life today was something you were focused on in the past.

Know that you are blessed and your thoughts become things.  From that perspective, get ready for the energy and enthusiasm to return.  Then simply invest that renewed energy in the pursuit of the goal.

Take action.  Just don’t take action from fear, force, pushing and doubt.  Instead get back to your optimistic place.  Then take action from there.