Alex and I traveled to New Mexico today to speak to a group about how to get into Inspired Action. The event went fabulously because we pre-paved it with our positive expectations and words of affirmation.

We were flying Southwest Airlines home which means we needed to check in early if we wanted to choose great seats.  When we arrived at the airport I jokingly said to Alex, “Ouch!  We forgot to check in early.  So we are going to be crammed into the back of the plane!”

To our delight we were some of the first passengers to check in and got an A boarding pass. But our flight was massively delayed. We decided to sit in the cafe and do work on our laptops while waiting for our plane to arrive. After working in a trance for a few hours I look at my clock and was shocked to realize that our flight was leaving in 20 minutes!  We jumped up from our seats and literally ran to our gate knowing that most airlines close the boarding process 15 minutes before the plane is scheduled to leave. To our chagrin everyone was already on the plane and my negative affirmation came true.

The moral of the story?  The universe wants to please you. It wants you to live life exactly as you please. Which means you posses the free will to screw yourself over if you so choose.

Be careful what you affirm. You get what you think about.