Many of my clients are big ballers making 7 or 8 figures in personal income a year.  Many are up-and-comers who are on their way to that level of income. And many make a big mistake when it comes to money, which leads to suffering and frustration.

Truth is when new clients come to me most of them believe that when they have more money, life will be easier than it is today.  This is a mistake.

Someday life will NOT be easier when you have more money.  Sorry.

If fact, the hard cold truth is, making a ton of money tends to really complicate people’s lives and make it harder.

So many of my clients say, “When I am making at least million dollars a year, then I’m going to go on vacation more” 

Uh… Hello!  When you have a company or a job that makes you $83,000 a month, you will likely be working way, way, way more than you do today.

“Matthew!  When I have a million dollars in the bank, I will be stress-free.”


I’ve coached millionaires and multi-millionaires. Over 500, in fact.

And I am here to tell no matter how much money you make until you get your head in a good place you will suffer. You will feel like you aren’t “there yet.” You will feel like you don’t have enough. You will feel like you have to keep amassing cash in order to feel safe and secure.

On and on The Drunk Monkey (my little nickname for the mind) will make where you are at now wrong.

It will convince you that now is no good and that you have to keep pushing, forcing, and driving towards the next financial goal.

It happens at every socio-economic level.

This phenomenon was best illustrated when I was coaching man whose family’s wealth counted in the billions. Yes, billions. Here he was, on his private jet on the way to his European chalet to ski for a month, and he was feeling lonely, sad and like a failure.

Don’t believe me?

Another client was in a mental funk within months of his net worth jumping to 170 million. He was frustrated that it would be a financial stretch to buy the house he really wanted and send his kids to private school given how little he was making. This after we grew his income from $750,000 a year to 3.5 million a year in about 7 years.

Are you getting this?

STOP GOING AFTER THE MONEY. The money isn’t where it’s at. Feeling good. Enjoying the moment. Connecting with others. Doing things that bring you joy… This is what life is about.

Does money help? Hell yeah. And you will miss out if you pursue money before you pursue the experience.

So, go for the experience you think the money will bring NOW. That’s the secret to true, profound happiness and success!