Every once in awhile we go through a slump or a down-cycle.  Everything seems to be hard and you aren’t in the flow.

During these periods of life, The Drunk Monkey goes on high alert.  It begins to find everything wrong with life to try and fix it, avoid it or kill it.  Of course, this only makes things worse.

Here are some things I have found to be helpful in getting you out of a down-cycle.

1. Get outside. Walk in nature and practice appreciating the beauty around you.
2. Breathe. Take 3 long slow deep breaths every hour.
3. Move your body. Start with some simple yoga or exercise.
4. Focus on what’s important to you. Work on your business or life plan.
5. Eliminate toxins in your body. Start with sugar and caffeine.
6. Give your insides some love. Do a juice cleanse
7. Get your head in a good place. Listen to an uplifting audio

Do one or all seven.  Anyone of them will start to move you back in the direction of feeling good.


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