Colorful cables and wires chaos network

When your mind is free from the clutter created by resistance, you are free to create your dream life.

When your mind is free from the clutter created by resistance, agitation, annoyances, doubts, fears, and uncertainty… you are free to focus on what matters.

You aren’t distracted by the mind’s obsession with looking good, being right, judging people, avoiding negativity, or being popular.

All that suffering, caused by your judgments, subsides.

You are no longer burdened by lamenting thoughts like, “Am I doing it right? Do they like me? Am I going to succeed? Am I good enough?”

In your enlightened state, all that mental chatter is transcended and you are freakishly free, wildly free, freer then you have ever been in your life.

I’m often asked, “Why does this happen?

Think about it like this, when you are enlightened, you see things as they are; you see that we are all one thing expressing itself with an infinite variety.

You are no longer subject to the influence of your perceptual filters like the victim stories your mind tells you.

This creates the ability to maintain a calm and peaceful state in a chaotic and uncertain world.

Can you imagine a world where almost nothing takes you off your game?

That is very practical.

Enlightenment is practical!!

Because when the bad stuff happens, and it does, enlightenment enables you to control your mental process. You gracefully and effortlessly transcend the negative emotions. You let go of the negative reactions.

Enlightenment eliminates victim mode… and it actives your badass mode.

For example; Your best client fires you. In your enlightenment state, you don’t react; you respond.

You don’t feel fearful that you might go broke. You aren’t burdened by that irrational mind chatter.

Instead, you are fascinated by the ups and downs of life. You open up to the new possibilities that this will create.

In other words…
You’re free!
You’re creative!!
You’re resourceful!!!

You’re not stuck, agitated or fretful. You aren’t burdened by unwanted, uninvited mind chatter… flashing negative scenarios on the screen of your mind. You aren’t burdened by negative emotions and anxiety created by mental fantasies.

Because you are calm, open and resourceful…. Your creativity bubbles up.

Creativity creates confidence, optimism, and new powerful action.

Out of that action, a whole new set of possibilities begin to take shape. That’s the power of an enlightened state.

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