Have you been trying to change, only to be pulled back to your old ways?  Consider this idea: The world won’t let you change.  Not because the world is evil and you are a victim.  Because you have set the world up to fit with your current set of behaviors and beliefs.  Everything you have said to others about how your life is, why your life is this way and who is to blame keeps you trapped.  The systems in your life are designed to keep your current life  intact.

Every promise you make is a part of the system of living you have designed.  Every commitment you make holds the old you in place.   Every declaration about what you like and don’t like keeps the old you stuck.

In order to create profound change in your life, you must convince the world that the new you is here.  Which means you have to take radical responsibility for all the choices, decisions, and actions you have taken in the past that are keeping you stuck.  You did this to yourself.  You can undo it.