When you practice these unprovable dogmatic statements, your mind starts to go quiet and you become present to your infinite nature. If you are going to make things up, you might as well make things up that empower you and feel good. It’s not about right or wrong, good or bad. It’s about feeling and living. To make things more interesting. Each of these statements causes your muscles to go strong when you expose yourself to them. Not sure that means anything other than you are strengthened by these statements.
1. You are a soul which is just an aspect of the infinite energy and information in the universe that is moving from unmanifest potential into manifested form. Hi, good to see you again. Nice human form.
2. You chose to come to Earth. Here’s a drink. You are on vacation from being infinite. Enjoy!
3. You keep coming back to have experience. When you are everything and nothing at the same time, being something is interesting.
4. You choose the general circumstances. Like the conditions of a game. You choose a few negatives and positives to make things interesting. Are you having fun yet?
5. Both positive and negative experiences equally valued by the soul as it is infinite potential.
Practice them today and see how it changes your approach. If inspired, leave us all a report so we can grow from your experience. We kinda dig that thing around here.