As a life coach, it is my job to help people move from negative states to positive states. Now, life is not necessarily negative at all; it’s just our opinion that makes life negative. To change your life for the positive now, one of the first things that you must take into account, is that you have created opinions about how life shouldn’t be this way, and that opinion then creates a negative state for you.

You feel frustrated, you feel annoyed, you feel agitated, upset, angry. These are all negative states that occur when your opinion is contradicted.

To change your life for the positive right now, you must begin to take responsibility for the opinion that you have created about life and how life shouldn’t be the way that it is, that it should be some other way.

Now, let’s be honest. Life should not be some other way. Life is the way it is. People are the way they are, and then you resist them. Your resistance makes you upset, angry, and then rather than taking responsibility for that your opinion has been contradicted, you instead blame the other person.

When you blame the other person, you create even more negativity in your life. On top of that, you make a fatal mistake, and that mistake is that you declare that life or people, or something outside of you makes you feel negative or upset.

This is not the truth. It is an illusion, and really, it’s a manipulation. You’re the one who chooses to feel bad. You’re the one who chooses to feel upset. To take responsibility for it will change your life for the positive right now.