One of my clients has begun a meditation practice.  He journals after each session.  His last journal entry was very insightful and I thought you would enjoy his perspective.

“Twenty minutes again and the most spiritually enlightening of any of my contemplations to date. After allowing six minutes to still myself, I began contemplating David Hawkins‘ Map of Consciousness. I realized that in every aspect of life, the path to happiness is the same. In the first place, you often feel anger towards those things you see as outside of yourself and adverse to your ambitions. As you progress, you become motivated to take action against these things and become antagonistic towards them.  With experience and more thought, you may eventually adapt to these other presences in your life.  As you progress still further and broaden your perspective, you acknowledge other positions and powers.  Later, you you internalize that feeling and truly accept other people and your environment. Having accepted the inherent goodness in what surrounds you, you come to love it and with enough live you begin to identify with it.   With sufficient identification with object apparently outside yourself, you become one with them.”