You are not The Drunk Monkey, your mind, that talking in your head.  You don’t say “I mind,” you say “My mind” like you possess a mind.  Yet, how often is The Drunk Monkey directing your choices in life?  How often do you make a decision to follow your dreams and The Drunk Monkey talks you out of it?  The answer for most of us is “almost always”.

Is The Drunk Monkey your master or servant?

How often are you listening to The Drunk Monkey say things to you?

How often does The Drunk Monkey have an opinion on your life?  Always!

Once you see The Drunk Monkey for what it is, you will spontaneously jump to another level of happiness and peace.  You will be in action without fear.

Consider these three important thoughts:

Thinking is automatic.

Thinking is not who I am.

Thinking is Survival.

Begin noticing that every aspect of your being is designed to survive.

Start to observe that your attitude, personality, mindset, opinions, qualities, and characteristics are all designed to keep you alive longer.  Each of your aspects are not designed to be goal achieving mechanisms.  The aspects of your personality… your point of view, your opinions about the world… are not designed to bring you more happiness or peace and they are certainly not designed to give you satisfaction.

Consider it’s the opposite.