Certainty and detachment are at the heart of having a quiet mind. The mind talks because there is a problem to solve, a desire to attain or something unresolved. In other words, all is not well. Something must change for all to be well.

The base perspective of enlightenment is that all is well. This perspective can be restored and you can ascend into quiet mind states through observation and contemplation of the biological functions of the mind. Which allows you to transcend the survival mind. I have labeled this process The Rapid Enlightenment Process.

In The Rapid Enlightenment Process you:

1. Notice and acknowledge The Unconscious Reflexes of The Drunk Monkey.
2. Through observation and use of spiritual will you release the Hidden Motives to Survive.
3. You pierce through the veil of the denial mechanism with muscle testing.
4. You recontextualize your experience to know that all is well.

As a Spiritual Hooligan, you break the rules of being a normal survival based human because all aspects of life are up for examination and recontextualization.

What are you working on transcending today so you can be free from dogma and uncertainty?