Fear is good.  It’s been our saving grace as a species.  Thank God for Fear!!  Without it, you would walk into traffic and get run over by a car and do all sorts of dangerous things.

Dangerous.  Hmm?  Is your job dangerous?  Is your spouse dangerous?  Are you children dangerous?  No No No!  Yet, there are times when each of us experiences anger, doubt, frustration and upset in the above three examples.  Fear responses in non-dangerous situations.

Fear is good in relationship to survival.  The problem is, you are not in survival situations very often.  Relationships, jobs, hobbies, political debates, opinions about economic options and where to hang the holiday decorations are not dangerous in any way.  Yet, how often do these situations spike your adrenaline and get you into a fight or flight mode?

Dealing with fear is a matter of awareness.  Recognizing that your mind, the talking in your head, what I lovingly call The Drunk Monkey, is designed to keep you safe.  Its job is to identify potentially dangerous situations and people and then either fix, split or kill.

Today just notice how your mind is not your friend.  It’s not your buddy.  It’s not on your side.  It’s a function.  It’s a machine.  Notice the machine and see what happens to your fear.