One of my clients is leaving his institutional job with one of the biggest banks in the world and starting a new venture.  His new venture is unique, interesting and will be very profitable because he has spent 15 years laying the ground work at his current position.

But doubt keeps plaguing his mindset and stopping him from taking action.  And guess what?  He should have doubt.  He has never done anything like this before.  Doubt is healthy because it gets you to think things through.  Doubt is not healthy when you allow The Drunk Monkey (your mind) to drag you down into a negative spiral of grave future possibilities.

Use Other People’s Doubt as A Tool.

When my client met with another big banker in town and told him about his idea, this person poopooed the idea.  My client’s friend told him all the reasons why it wouldn’t work.  Our call today was focused solely on getting his mindset back on track.

I propose that other people’s doubt is a tool for strengthening your resolve.  Take in what they say and use it to discover all the holes in your plan.  Use it as a planning tool.  Thank your lucky stars that you had someone shoot holes in your idea before you started.  Get excited that you have the opportunity to think things through in advance.  It’s much easier to solve potential problems before they arise and be prepared then to firefight the breakdowns live.

Today, listen to your nay-sayers intently.  They are giving you the information you need to make your life easier in the future.  They represent one possible outcome or result.  They don’t represent your actual future.  Your actual future is your own personal creation.  What seems like a disaster to one person is a blessing to the other.  You get to choose.

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